Hugin Log

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[eb0e20] (hugin-0-7-0-rc5) by brunopostle brunopostle

update changelog for rc5 release

2008-09-02 21:32:52 Tree
[572492] by brunopostle brunopostle

Don't put lots of cmake junk in the source tarball.

2008-09-02 17:28:43 Tree
[a381a0] by ippei ippei

Mac: to prevent exec permission error, run shell scripts in Xcode explicitly with 'sh' (not critical)

2008-09-02 02:46:15 Tree
[9420ac] by ippei ippei

Mac: wrong path to one of the files (not critical)

2008-09-02 00:20:05 Tree
[eca05b] (hugin-0-7-0-rc4) by brunopostle brunopostle

update changelog for rc4 release

2008-09-01 20:04:25 Tree
[0a1bcb] by ippei ippei

Mac: exported code now compiles as release version.

2008-09-01 02:26:44 Tree
[f69b5e] by brunopostle brunopostle

ChangeLog updated with svn2cl

2008-08-31 21:22:28 Tree
[424f5a] by ippei ippei

Japanese localisation partially updated (up to line 2000)

2008-08-31 13:51:19 Tree
[f68055] by ippei ippei

Japanese documentation update

2008-08-31 13:50:34 Tree
[709c4b] by ippei ippei

stop reminding user it got cancelled when saving was cancelled

2008-08-31 13:50:16 Tree
[d7da72] by ippei ippei

fix the bug where the first file to be added gets its exposure reset if lens file is specified

2008-08-31 13:48:43 Tree
[abd15e] by ippei ippei

reset the old and obsolete TODO file

2008-08-31 13:47:11 Tree
[3eaadd] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[Mac] modify FindSubversion.cmake. Stupid Leopard comes with a way too old subversion and cmake defaults to Leopard one. Needs binary subversion from or build with MacPorts or Fink

2008-08-31 09:14:56 Tree
[638382] by ippei ippei

disabled HDR merger option button; the feature postponed for later release

2008-08-30 09:50:38 Tree
[5a6b42] by ippei ippei

remove scrolling from assistant panel

2008-08-30 09:43:02 Tree
[ca7b91] by ippei ippei

Mac: obsolete files

2008-08-30 06:16:13 Tree
[bdc284] by ippei ippei

Mac: set HUGIN_WC_REVISION manually if exported

2008-08-30 06:15:14 Tree
[d05103] by ippei ippei

Mac: hopefully xcode 2.4 compatibility has benn restored

2008-08-30 03:13:57 Tree
[bc31ae] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[Mac] scripted build: remove path error

2008-08-29 07:48:56 Tree
[fe998d] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[Mac] minor changes to scripted build scripts

2008-08-29 07:39:14 Tree
[13d795] by ippei ippei

Mac: space in the path problem fix

2008-08-29 04:54:23 Tree
[90b746] by ippei ippei

Image info dialog position

2008-08-29 04:33:12 Tree
[980271] by ippei ippei

Mac: removed obsolete hack

2008-08-29 04:14:23 Tree
[8c5f79] by ippei ippei

Stitcher panel further GUI adjustment.

2008-08-29 04:09:06 Tree
[9e8817] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

move scripted build directory to mac development directory instead of mac platform tools

2008-08-28 13:45:15 Tree
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