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[e81e87] by dangelo dangelo

small script to package the current cvs into a tar ball on

2003-11-16 16:07:58 Tree
[44c317] by dangelo dangelo

- jpg quality was not honoured by PTSticher for progressive jpg output.
disabled progressive jpg creation

2003-11-16 16:03:04 Tree
[a428d7] by dangelo dangelo

- calculate correct sensor width/height even if the images have been
rotated with jpgtran.
- precondition: sensor width > sensor height.. hmm. probably not so nice.

2003-11-16 14:48:24 Tree
[699940] by dangelo dangelo

- no functional changes, should add check if a new lens should be added

2003-11-16 14:47:01 Tree
[16d0fb] by dangelo dangelo

- removed non ascii chars
- where should a possible projection format wxChoice be placed?
- update preview when auto preview is switched on

2003-11-16 14:45:50 Tree
[7d4bae] by dangelo dangelo

- fixed typo

2003-11-16 14:43:29 Tree
[84e48c] by dangelo dangelo

- interface for crop factor
- physical focal length should be entered.

2003-11-16 14:42:41 Tree
[c7a5ad] by dangelo dangelo

- removed lens nr druid hint. its a program error to have images without lens
- changed control point hint to consider 1 image panos as a special case
- added hint to run the optimizer (detected if all images are still at 0,0,0)

2003-11-16 14:31:20 Tree
[4ba9fd] by dangelo dangelo

- fixed a crash if the estimated position was outside of the image

2003-11-16 13:50:00 Tree
[f97dbd] by dangelo dangelo

changed focal length handling.
- crop factor is calculated based on sensor diagonals..
its a bit strange that my camera EXIF data reports non
square pixels...

- changes to lens variables are applied to all images.

2003-11-16 13:48:33 Tree
[418575] by speare speare

- tried a better determination for HUGE_FINAL:
if the final image is more than 400 megapixels, or
if the final image has more pixels than all source images combined;
would still like to determine available memory somehow

2003-11-16 01:17:22 Tree
[d7d7e2] by dangelo dangelo

include files in include/pano12

2003-11-14 10:54:06 Tree
[e6ccd0] by dangelo dangelo

stronger suggestion to use max lyons version of panorama tools

2003-11-14 10:48:46 Tree
[5c7bf6] by dangelo dangelo

send panoramaChanged when dirty flag is reset

2003-11-11 07:08:49 Tree
[af8664] by speare speare

- reworked PanoDruid into its own class so it's easy to move somewhere else
- reworked how Druid hints database is built, using goofy #define tricks,
not a perfect scheme, but keeps strings and code organized together
- added a couple new Druid hints, and more placeholders
- made pano.isDirty() a const member function

2003-11-11 03:54:58 Tree
[c86b10] by dangelo dangelo

- warning if optimized v < 1 degree.
- better vfov/hfov calculation, but height calculation for rectilinear and
cylindrical panos still wrong.
- focal length of portrait images should be handled well now.

2003-11-10 23:15:46 Tree
[7a8285] by speare speare

- launches stitcher process at higher niceness on unixen;
should have no effect if user is drinking coffee, but will be nicer
if the user is multitasking elsewhere.

2003-11-10 01:42:51 Tree
[3dee0c] by dangelo dangelo

- removed assertation in preview window
- added plotting of outlines
- added a 1 degree limit for HFOV/VFOV
- added Ed to the about tab

2003-11-09 10:59:34 Tree
[aae984] by dangelo dangelo

stuff needed for win

2003-11-09 00:24:20 Tree
[5c4051] by dangelo dangelo

- changed repaint behaviour of CPImageCtrl. hopefully it works on Win9X now...
- made fit to window the default

2003-11-09 00:16:51 Tree
[5d17f7] by dangelo dangelo

also missing in pano12.dll

2003-11-08 23:26:24 Tree
[a45fdd] by dangelo dangelo

fixed a warning

2003-11-08 23:04:11 Tree
[3c71ff] by dangelo dangelo

- FDiff2D -> Diff2D

2003-11-08 23:03:56 Tree
[ba32fa] by dangelo dangelo

- small python hack to convert PTAssember (V1.x) files to .pto files
readable by hugin

2003-11-08 23:03:11 Tree
[9419d0] by dangelo dangelo

- quick hack test cases, for the transform and remap stuff
not very nice

2003-11-08 23:01:10 Tree
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