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 This package contains the following programs:
- - hugin, The main program, a GUI for the panorama tools suite
+ - hugin, the main program, a GUI for the panorama tools suite
    and some programs included here.
  - nona, a simple stitcher that does geometrical and photometric
-    distortions to photos and writes the output to image files.
-    It is a replacement for PTStitcher (doesn't support most
+   distortions to photos and writes the output to image files.
+   It is a replacement for PTStitcher (doesn't support most
    features of PTStitcher, but is faster, opensource and
    will be extended in the future).  The parameters, mostly
    backward-compatible to PTStitcher, are specified in a .pto 
    project such as those generated by hugin, i.e. nona doesn't
    decide what the distortions are going to be, it just does 
    what it is told to do.
- - nona_gui, nona with a graphical progress bar.
+ - fulla correction of barrel distortion, chromatic aberration 
+   and vignetting.
  - autooptimiser, optimise a panorama pairwise, starting from an
    anchor image. cmd line version of the pairwise mode in hugin
+ - align_image_stack a tool to automate the process to align
+   a stack of photos.
+ - tca_correct a tool to automatically generate chromatic 
+   aberration correction parameters for use with fulla.
+ - pto2mk generation of Makefiles for command-line stitching.
+ - pto_gen command line tool to generate project file from images.
+ - cpfind command line tool to find control points.
+ - linefind command line tool to find vertical features for leveling.
+ - geocpset command line tool to connect featureless images by 
+   "geometric" control points.
+ - icpfind command line tool for using heuristic control point 
+   matching like inside Hugin GUI
+ - cpclean command line tool to remove control points with improbable 
+   error distances
+ - checkpto command line tool to examine project file and reports back 
+   the number of image chains present
+ - pto_var command line tool to manipulate image variables
+ - pto_lensstack command line tool to manipulate lens and stacks
+ - pto_mask command line tool to add mask to project file
+ - pto_template command line tool to apply template to project file
+ - calibrate_lens_gui automatic lens calibration using straight-line 
+   detection
+ - vig_optimize command line tool to estimate photometric parameters.
+ - hugin_hdrmerge merges multiple exposures to HDR using Khan 
+   anti-ghosting algorithm
+ - hugin_stitch_project a GUI tool to stitch a single Hugin .pto project.
+ - celeste_standalone removes cloud-like control points from project files.
+ - PTBatcherGUI a GUI queue manager for stitching multiple Hugin projects.
+ - deghosting_mask Creates mask for removing ghosting in bracketed images
+ - pano_modify Change output parameters of project file
+ - pano_trafo Transform image coordinates
+ - pto_merge Merges two or more Hugin project files
+ - pto_move Moves Hugin project files with associated images 
 These programs are built on top of the pano13 library,
@@ -74,14 +134,14 @@
     for the optional Python Scripting Interface (currently functional and tested only on Linux and Windows)
         Python version >=2.6
         SWIG >=2.0 - If Python >=3.2, SWIG must be >=2.0.4
-    Hugin can be compiled with gcc-4.4.4, gcc-4.5.1, and gcc-4.6, as well as with MSVC 2008 and MSVC 2010.
+    Hugin can be compiled with gcc, as well as with MSVC.
     The build process requires CMake version >=2.8
 3.2. At runtime
     enblend >= 3.2 is required.
-    Exiftool is recommended.
+    Exiftool >=9.09 is required.
     Starting with Hugin 2010.3 and newer, Hugin ships with its own control points generator cpfind. Prior to 2010.3 another optional but recommended runtime dependency was a control points generator.
     Optionally Python argparse command-line parsing library for the Python scripts.