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Hugin Log

Commit Date  
[d250de] by tmodes

Removed unused options in config_defaults.h

2013-12-29 12:53:13 Tree
[0a4d31] by tmodes

Revert partially changes from last commit

2013-12-29 10:36:07 Tree
[757deb] by tmodes

Fixed some formatting strings

2013-12-29 10:19:18 Tree
[b9b273] by tmodes

Improved pairwise optimizer for linked image stacks

2013-12-29 10:18:33 Tree
[de1bb2] by tmodes

Removed unused variable

2013-12-29 09:29:26 Tree
[383415] by tmodes

Fix for gcc compiler with wxWidgets 2.9.x/3.x

2013-12-26 10:29:18 Tree
[32c4b4] by

Update pano_modify.pod

2013-12-24 04:13:23 Tree
[6496b8] by Kornel Benko Kornel Benko

update sk.po

2013-12-21 09:45:01 Tree
[031509] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

remove pod/man pages for defunct tools

2013-12-15 21:47:19 Tree
[c96d40] by tmodes

Use correct parent for lens data dialog [1261171]

2013-12-15 17:29:45 Tree
[38ee5d] by tmodes

Removed unnecessary assignment

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:22:14 Tree
[d52085] by tmodes

Use .empty() instead of .size()==0 for speed reasons

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:21:30 Tree
[f2a287] by tmodes

Some more pre incrementor change

2013-12-15 17:20:37 Tree
[917d11] by tmodes

Use call by reference instead of call by value to prevent creating temporary const objects

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:20:14 Tree
[7ec845] by tmodes

Initialize member variable in constructor

2013-12-15 17:15:14 Tree
[316658] by tmodes

Fixes another memory leak

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:14:38 Tree
[03a745] by tmodes

Use pre instead of post incrementor for better performance

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:14:08 Tree
[2ad3da] by tmodes

Renamed LayoutRemapper::scale to m_layoutScale to don't overload MeshRemapper::scale

2013-12-15 17:06:40 Tree
[a96a60] by tmodes

Updated treelistctrl from wxCode

2013-12-15 17:05:08 Tree
[a491a6] by tmodes

Removed obsolete conversions

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:04:34 Tree
[75175d] by tmodes

Fixes constructor for AlgTinyVector

Calling another constructor in a constructors create a new instance of the
object and destroy it immediately

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:01:35 Tree
[bf0f07] by tmodes

Fixes memory leak

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 16:59:50 Tree
[981297] by tmodes

Fixes some format strings

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 16:58:52 Tree
[ffeeb9] by tmodes

Backed out changeset: 07f5b5c93514

Has unwanted side effects

2013-12-14 12:19:00 Tree
[694473] by tmodes

Sort images by exposure value before generating cp for align_image_stacks

So always images with lowest ev difference are compared against each other

2013-12-13 19:10:02 Tree
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