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[d1adc1] by dangelo dangelo

Win32: Debug build with MSVC works now.

2007-12-31 19:14:31 Tree
[a5481d] by dangelo dangelo

fixed 100% cpu consumption during stitching on unix (cause found by Michal,
patch by Gerry Patterson)

2007-12-30 19:22:21 Tree
[656d4b] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

dutch translation: corrected some non-ascii characters

2007-12-29 09:58:20 Tree
[58e02f] by ippei ippei

Mac minor tweaks, linux compile fix

2007-12-29 03:40:10 Tree
[870995] by ippei ippei

Mac Build.

2007-12-28 12:31:59 Tree
[d0cb5f] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

updated dutch translation

2007-12-27 11:09:25 Tree
[a7991e] by ippei ippei

removed GSoC files as it's never been intended to be included in the trunk

2007-12-27 06:22:08 Tree
[85fced] by ippei ippei

Mac: delete obsolete build files

2007-12-27 05:44:58 Tree
[fb21c1] by ippei ippei

Mac external: shared library builds

2007-12-27 03:58:23 Tree
[95c3b5] by dangelo dangelo

added missing file

2007-12-19 08:19:36 Tree
[5d4427] by btownshend btownshend

Fixed some minor compiler warnings that occur on mac, mostly unsigned int/int comparisions and unused variables

2007-12-19 06:26:56 Tree
[8d606f] by dangelo dangelo

only embedd svn version if .svn directory exists. (partly based on patch by GWP)

2007-12-18 21:00:00 Tree
[ef222e] by dangelo dangelo

fixed stack overwrites possible use of uninitialized values (bug 1849175)

2007-12-18 16:53:54 Tree
[bcc283] by dangelo dangelo

Fix compilation on linux (Kornel Benko)

2007-12-17 10:40:33 Tree
[4f863f] by dangelo dangelo

synchronize dirty flag

2007-12-17 08:23:36 Tree
[42a4cf] by dangelo dangelo

updated msi installer

2007-12-17 08:23:07 Tree
[b7b076] by dangelo dangelo

Fixed compilation problems with MSVC

2007-12-17 08:22:27 Tree
[b3f9d6] by dangelo dangelo

fixed installation on unix

2007-12-14 14:22:41 Tree
[c36394] by dangelo dangelo

compile fix for unix platforms

2007-12-14 13:40:41 Tree
[11cd3f] by dangelo dangelo

updates for compiling with MSVC, and building an installer with Warsetup

2007-12-14 09:31:08 Tree
[44992b] by dangelo dangelo

really unlink HFOV

2007-12-11 17:19:20 Tree
[cafbef] by dangelo dangelo

fixed possible crash in progress reporter (thanks to Tom Sharpless for the hint)

2007-12-11 17:17:59 Tree
[51eaf4] by dangelo dangelo

unlink HFOV, if -m option is given

2007-12-11 17:08:27 Tree
[52ca4e] by dangelo dangelo

updated to latest version of align_image_stack from pre_gsoc branch,
and expanded functionality: support for 16 bit and float images,
ability to optimize HFOV as well.

2007-12-09 20:44:06 Tree
[74ec16] by btownshend btownshend

Fixed handling of correlation computation when either of the patches being compared are perfectly uniform.
Previously, this would create a 0/0 situations resulting in a NaN that propagated to the final control point values.
Also fixed a few places where possible divide-by-zeroes could occur.

2007-12-09 06:21:42 Tree
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