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+About GSoC files
+This is for Google Summer of Code 2007 0project by Ippei UKAI. All files are on the project's SVN under branch "ippei" (hugin.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/hugin/hugin/branches/ippei). Those files will be checked out later as of 2007-08-20 1900Z, and archived for submission to Google for their evaluation.
+Included files are
+- except the "GSoC 2007" folder, are the files to be merged to the trunk.
+ - on Linux, it builds with cmake.
+ - on Mac, it builds with Xcode (in mac/ directory)
+ - the merger is planned in September 2007 so the future development will be based on the code in this branch.
+- along with this documents, "GSoC 2007" folder contains the presentations I (Ippei) have made during the first and last week of Summer of Code days.
+The biggest difference, the result of my work during this summer, is the way API is organised. The almost identical GUI compiles with the new API through the wrapper codes.

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