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Hugin Log

Commit Date  
[519868] by yuv yuv

applying trunk @ 4357

2009-09-10 05:06:53 Tree
[fa20a7] by fmannan fmannan

+ modified graph construction (kz'02), energy terms (integer weight and thresholding), and datatype for edge capacities from float to int
+ merge from trunk (3877) to branch

2009-05-23 18:16:15 Tree
[261128] by fmannan fmannan

+merged trunk (3213-3784) to branch
+minor code cleanup

2009-04-16 05:10:01 Tree
[3f9ab6] by fmannan fmannan

+Merged from trunk (3212) to branch
+Changed build system. Now the maskeditor core and segmentation routines are built as libraries which can be used by either the standalone gui or hugin.
+Started modifying PreviewFrame to incorporate MaskEdEditWnd

2008-07-22 05:00:01 Tree
[dc4437] by tmodes tmodes

Improved finding of freeglut for 64 bit version (Tom Glastonbury)

2010-05-15 07:04:19 Tree
[b9c20a] by tmodes tmodes

Improved finding in cmake for Freeglut 2.6.0 and Exiv 0.19 under Windows

2010-05-13 09:01:25 Tree
[9e848a] by tmodes tmodes

Update CMake for new versions of wxWidgets and exiv (Windows only)

2010-05-08 18:31:01 Tree
[f6fc6b] by tmodes tmodes

Updated some libs to newer versions in CMake

2010-04-02 14:15:47 Tree
[fdbee4] by tmodes tmodes

Forgot to remove some debug statements

2010-03-21 14:28:42 Tree
[84c9ac] by tmodes tmodes

Added option to build Hugin with dynamic libs on windows
(disabled by default because this requires to rebuild all dependecies as dynamic libs)

2010-03-21 14:27:39 Tree
[b82161] by tmodes tmodes

Modified makefile generation on windows (it's using now GNUmake and cmd.exe)

2010-03-01 06:18:55 Tree
[6ed04a] by tksharpless tksharpless

Removed LICENSE.GPL from libpano install list
Dynamic FOVs now work right; all fovs are handled better (panodata/PanoramaOptions.cpp)
Narrower preview projection params text boxes make more room for sliders

2010-01-18 16:09:02 Tree
[6ede80] by tksharpless tksharpless

PanoramaOptions.cpp use new dyanmic mFOV limit query
CMake scripts adjusted to match current libpano install script on Windows.

2010-01-16 16:12:18 Tree
[2f7988] by tksharpless tksharpless

My previous change broke build. Now fixed.

2010-01-14 16:35:09 Tree
[d56a03] by tksharpless tksharpless

Also finds glut.h, glutxx.lib directly under ${GLUT_ROOT_PATH}

2010-01-13 17:27:58 Tree
[ac4f9e] by tmodes tmodes

Update cmake to reflect changes in building libpano13 on windows

2009-12-10 06:21:33 Tree
[69dbad] by tmodes tmodes

Update win_bundle.cmake for enblend-enfuse 4.0

2009-12-10 06:19:57 Tree
[d10115] by yuv yuv

added some more thought on how to integrate the upcoming enblend-enfuse 4.0 in the build.

2009-09-23 06:32:34 Tree
[b62c78] by yuv yuv

[Windows] add some likely paths for CMake to find libpano and enblend

2009-09-23 03:55:59 Tree
[80e24c] by tmodes tmodes


2009-09-18 05:45:35 Tree
[0ef1f0] by yuv yuv

remove legacy libpano12 support

2009-09-10 04:23:50 Tree
[4f53d6] by kornelbenko kornelbenko

Temporary commit of FindOpenMP.cmake. To be removed with the new cmake 2.7-Version
which already contains this file.

2009-09-06 17:22:51 Tree
[e5648e] by tmodes tmodes

Fix to reflect changes in rev 4255 and 4256 (only win)

2009-08-26 06:46:21 Tree
[d82770] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

Added FindGLUT.cmake to modules for OSX; patched necessary .cpp's

2009-08-24 16:53:09 Tree
[2ed50a] by tmodes tmodes

Updated CMake file for Exiv2-0.18.2

2009-07-27 05:20:06 Tree
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