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[9f824a] by dangelo dangelo

Added tif packbits compression, made it the default, as TIF DEFLATE compression is not supported by native windows applications.

2008-02-18 18:11:56 Tree
[40ba32] by dangelo dangelo

fixed [ 1891419 ] Crash when blending (enbelnd) on WIN

2008-02-18 18:09:46 Tree
[4f01ac] by dangelo dangelo

Windows: Need to kill processes with SIGKILL. fixes [ 1893917 ] Can't interrupt autopano

2008-02-18 18:06:06 Tree
[73a898] by dangelo dangelo

Assistant panel: Keep focal length and crop factor when changing projections.

2008-02-18 18:02:39 Tree
[ac0429] by yuv yuv

*really* get rid of VBS
autopano-sift-c default
full path for autopano is back (revert)

2008-02-18 15:10:52 Tree
[ca6bf8] by yuv yuv


2008-02-18 13:39:31 Tree
[99d666] by dangelo dangelo

Windows: Avoid ugly gray background on preview and stitch window in windows
Windows: Fixed jumping jpeg quality control
Made some textfields (jpeg quality, focal length, crop factor) smaller.

2008-02-18 10:43:06 Tree
[ddce5c] by dangelo dangelo

fixed [ 1895838 ] ver 2884 crashes on WXP when enfusing

2008-02-18 10:40:07 Tree
[b60f1d] by pooh22 pooh22

processed new strings

2008-02-18 08:52:48 Tree
[f4f74f] by dangelo dangelo

more gcc 4.3 compatibility

2008-02-17 23:50:02 Tree
[67cbce] by dangelo dangelo

Use enblend as the default blender.

2008-02-17 23:47:49 Tree
[8319d6] by dangelo dangelo

exiftool fails when trying to copy exif data from a file that does not contain exif data. Ignore the return code of exiftool

2008-02-17 23:47:14 Tree
[52ad8f] by dangelo dangelo

Control point tab: Hopefully fixed disappearing images, and appearing scrollbars when resizing.

2008-02-17 23:05:37 Tree
[c46f48] by dangelo dangelo

added stdlib.h include, trying to fix gcc 4.3 compilation.

2008-02-17 22:43:02 Tree
[c7fa42] by dangelo dangelo

Added unfinished code for keypoint matching. This has not been tested, needs more work and should be completed after 0.7.0 is out.

2008-02-17 21:57:28 Tree
[254b31] by dangelo dangelo

Always stitch only images selected in preview window.

preferences dialog: removed "optimize and stitch only images selected in preview".
preferences dialog: removed switch to turn on Druid, it is not show currently anyway, and would need some major updates.

2008-02-17 21:50:36 Tree
[cf2463] by dangelo dangelo

fixed a harmless compiler warning

2008-02-17 21:49:38 Tree
[7a429f] by dangelo dangelo

Exposure panel: added "use only images selected in preview" checkbox.

2008-02-17 21:48:52 Tree
[05c572] by dangelo dangelo

Optimize panel: added "use only images selected in preview" checkbox

2008-02-17 21:47:56 Tree
[31647e] by dangelo dangelo

really fix [ 1894713 ] Parsing error reading S parameter in i lines

2008-02-17 20:14:14 Tree
[97273f] by dangelo dangelo

Fixed [ 1894713 ] Parsing error reading S parameter in i lines.
Save enabled flag of images (Image selection in Preview).

2008-02-17 20:00:52 Tree
[b5b3c4] by yuv yuv

APSC -> autopano-sift-c

2008-02-17 14:58:22 Tree
[8b0b6c] by dangelo dangelo

Win32: Tried to fix the disappearing image issue in controlpoints tab by removing the adjustable splitter between the images.

2008-02-17 13:19:10 Tree
[37d6a4] by dangelo dangelo

Windows: Fixed problems with disappearing and resetting selections in Controlpoints tab

2008-02-17 10:22:32 Tree
[59cfc8] by dangelo dangelo

swapped "Show Druid" and "Optimize and stitch only images selected in preview window" checkboxes in Preview panel (Simon Oosthoek)

2008-02-17 09:00:39 Tree
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