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[9801be] by Kornel Benko Kornel Benko

Update slovak translation sk.po

2014-06-01 17:48:38 Tree
[dc6993] by tmodes

Show warning about low disk space when starting stitching [679909]

2014-06-01 15:53:03 Tree
[6a190e] by tmodes

Check if output directory is writable before stitching [679216]

2014-06-01 14:29:41 Tree
[54af64] by tmodes

Fix some more filter string

2014-06-01 14:28:32 Tree
[62566d] by tmodes

Allow reactivating of warning messages in preferences

2014-06-01 09:22:52 Tree
[3386f2] by tmodes

Implemented better dialogs for stack detection (especially for wxWidgets 2.8)

2014-06-01 09:22:34 Tree
[596dd1] by tmodes

Make stack detection more robust

2014-06-01 09:21:47 Tree
[51ff23] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

Added tag 2014.0.0_rc4 for changeset 26ee710d9faf

2014-05-31 14:05:13 Tree
[26ee71] (2014.0.0_rc4) by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

Updated ChangeLog 2014.0-rc4

2014-05-31 14:04:47 Tree
[045814] by tmodes

Fixes some const issue in photometric optimizer

2014-05-31 12:47:38 Tree
[f18581] by tmodes

Added JPEG_m and PNG_m option to nona [1039226]

2014-05-31 12:43:57 Tree
[fa075b] by tmodes

Fixed typo in last commit
(grafted from b2c6b668f05243df2aff0ae1994db9b93efacb33)

2014-05-25 07:46:22 Tree
[c7f67a] by tmodes

More fixes for crash when loading multiple images in assistant [1316702]
(grafted from 10aa8ea89d9eef64ecd7281194507177dc6a82f7)

2014-05-25 07:41:56 Tree
[7d872a] by tduell

Update pano_modify.pod

2014-05-31 00:37:24 Tree
[b5af90] by tduell

Update pto_gen.pod

2014-05-31 00:04:30 Tree
[68844f] by tmodes

Extended pano_modify with more options

2014-05-30 14:58:08 Tree
[957dcb] by tmodes

Code cleanup: removed unused code

2014-05-29 09:23:04 Tree
[d45cec] by tmodes

Cleancp: Use a lower limit if there is big standard deviation.

This should result in better result for a bigger number of false cp.

2014-05-29 07:21:37 Tree
[8d6cf9] by tmodes

Linefind: Search in linked stacks only in one image
The other linked images are skipped.

2014-05-29 07:20:13 Tree
[a6c521] by tmodes

cpfind: Search in linked stacks only in one image
The other linked images are skipped, also during feature detection phase.

2014-05-29 07:19:44 Tree
[9afc36] by tmodes

Refactored code to get UIntSet for each image group

2014-05-29 07:18:40 Tree
[ca5f2a] by tmodes

Refactored stack detection code from PTBatcherGUI

* Moved code into general Panorama class
* Use the code when adding images in Hugin
* Use the code for pto_gen by default

2014-05-29 07:16:47 Tree
[7544bf] by tmodes

Improved reading of pto files without image width and height (w and h) in i line

2014-05-26 20:02:50 Tree
[6bbb86] by tmodes

Fix reading from database when adding images

2014-05-25 16:09:05 Tree
[35cad8] by tmodes

Cleanup Panorama.* files

2014-05-25 08:07:31 Tree
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