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Read Me

Goal: Toolchain to create panoramic images for every occasion,
      from quick holiday snaps to images with hundrets of megapixels.

This package contains the following programs:

 - hugin, The main program, a GUI for the panorama tools suite
   and some programs included here.

 - nona, a simple replacement for PTStitcher (doesn't support most
   features of PTStitcher, but is several times faster, opensource and
   will be extended in the future).

 - autopano, creates hugin project files, for single row panoramas.

 - panosifter, creates hugin project files, from arbitrary images,
   uses a simple matching algorithm and a sift featue detector
   [only works on linux right now.]

 - autooptimiser, optimise a panorama pairwise, starting from an
   anchor image. cmd line version of the pairwise mode in hugin

 - keypoints, an implementation of the SIFT feature detection algorithm.
    Beware, it's licenced under a special LICENCE found in the SIFT_LICENCE
    file, due to a possible patent on the SIFT algorithm.

The following external programs are highly recommended:

1. panotools
2. enblend
hugin can be used to stitch multiple images together. The resulting image can
span 360 degrees. Another common use is the creation of very high resolution
pictures by combining multiple images.

It uses the Panorama Tools (
as backend, to create high quality images

see our homepage for more information:

typical use:

1. load images
2. specify initial parameters (lens etc)
3. select control points points.
4. run optimizer to estimate image positions
5. set output parameters and stich images together.

Knowledge of Panorama Tools is needed to use hugin.
Good introductions are the tutorials from PTGUI and PTAssembler.
The steps are approximately the same.

Some links to get you started:

Please use the ptx mailing list if you have questions or suggestions: (or