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 			<p>Lightprobe image is a spherical panorama made of several blended exposures containing high dynamic range.
 The panorama itself is usually made with the well-known methods:
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 The method with photographing a mirrored ball (usually delivering quite poor overall image quality as you need a nearly perfect sphere) is nevertheless popular for especially shooting light probes, as light information here is more important than the image or its resolution, the lightprobe usually is not seen in the final rendering.
 </p><p>More Information:
-<ul><li>Creating light probe
-</li><li>Creating light probe (german)
-</li><li>General Information and downloadable light probes by Paul Debevec
-</li><li>HDRI and Image-Based Lighting SIGGRAPH 2003 Course
-</li><li>Demonstration of lighting
-</li><li>Converting lightporbe with HDRShop
+<ul><li>Creating light probe<a class="external" href="http://gl.ict.usc.edu/HDRShop/tutorial/tutorial5.html">[*]</a>
+</li><li>Creating light probe (german)<a class="external" href="http://www.dma.ufg.ac.at/app/link/Grundlagen%3A3D-Grafik/module/9933?step=0#chapter">[*]</a>
+</li><li>General Information and downloadable light probes by Paul Debevec<a class="external" href="http://www.debevec.org/probes/">[*]</a>
+</li><li>HDRI and Image-Based Lighting SIGGRAPH 2003 Course<a class="external" href="http://www.debevec.org/IBL2003/">[*]</a>
+</li><li>Demonstration of lighting<a class="external" href="http://www.debevec.org/Research/IBL/">[*]</a>
+</li><li>Converting lightporbe with HDRShop<a class="external" href="http://gl.ict.usc.edu/HDRShop/tutorial/tutorial4.html">[*]</a>