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[70ae8e] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] update script for latest panotools svn version

2010-01-18 17:51:29 Tree
[450834] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] Forgot to reset PATHTOHUGIN

2010-01-17 22:23:48 Tree
[b25dbd] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] fixed libpano13 dynamic library names

2010-01-17 21:24:36 Tree
[43caef] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] edit build-all for glew-1.5.2; move vsn detection in pano13 to top for visibility

2010-01-17 20:08:19 Tree
[3cb075] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] 2nd correction

2010-01-16 11:39:30 Tree
[aeed84] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] correct libintl install_name in libgettext*.dylibs

2010-01-16 10:13:07 Tree
[ba084f] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] minor changes to scripts

2010-01-15 10:24:37 Tree
[5ac9f9] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] optimize XCode project: move some tools from "bundled tools" to "tools - other dynamic" where they belong. Remove some tools from stitch_project. Add align_image_stack to Hugin's direct dependencies and to "Copy Bundle Resources" as it can now be used from inside the bundle

2010-01-15 10:22:53 Tree
[e4c2b1] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] Forgot to add revision history

2010-01-13 20:25:15 Tree
[26311f] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] Update pano13 script to work with libpano13-2.9.15

2010-01-13 20:20:16 Tree
[02e5b1] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] Added support for new dynamic libraries to scripts

2010-01-13 09:58:07 Tree
[09b5fa] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] Enhance to segregate static libs into lib-static

2010-01-12 21:30:39 Tree
[ab81f2] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] Clean-up and rationalize Hugin.xcodeproj

2010-01-12 20:28:56 Tree
[40060d] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] new scripts for building dynamic versions of libexiv2 libGLEW and libxmi

2010-01-12 07:22:59 Tree
[9cde22] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] fix a few bugs in building Separate Tools Package

2010-01-11 14:10:24 Tree
[aa8ba8] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] final 5% of "Hugin_tools" package

2010-01-11 08:43:20 Tree
[a4d44f] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] finally corrected a small build error in celeste_standalone (thanks to Skip Gaede) and changed name from celeste to celeste_standalone

2010-01-11 08:27:48 Tree
[7c50f7] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] next 5% of OSX "Hugin_tools" package incl. minor bugfixes

2010-01-11 07:43:17 Tree
[d3eb2b] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] Add new target and files to make a "Hugin_tools" package that can be distributed. This package would contain all command line tools from the Hugin project from which only a few are delivered with the Hugin bundle. Build state at 90%

2010-01-10 21:28:27 Tree
[ca71d3] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] Add pano_trafo to Hugin XCode project

2010-01-10 11:25:44 Tree
[35a91d] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] Add monolithic hugin_base static target combining all separate hugin_base like static libs. This might facilitate building static tools

2010-01-09 14:07:41 Tree
[3862a6] by skipgaede skipgaede

[OSX] Xcode project file updated to build static tools (again)

2010-01-09 13:00:35 Tree
[3471d1] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] Adapt XCode project after layout branch merge James Legg

2009-12-25 09:55:56 Tree
[20a0c3] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] bump version of trunk to 2010.1.0

2009-12-24 12:57:11 Tree
[9ed70d] by skipgaede skipgaede

Enhance for building Enblend 4.0 with documentation

2009-12-23 20:08:13 Tree
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