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[6951a0] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

Added tag 2014.0.0_rc1 for changeset e6f3a9d91cca

2014-02-19 18:43:19 Tree
[e6f3a9] (2014.0.0_rc1) by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

Updated ChangeLog for 2014RC1

2014-02-19 18:39:45 Tree
[dbaab0] by tmodes

Update Python scripts for API changes (Kay F. Jahnke)
(grafted from 7ff646d5e247d13a86381ae5aa1b9d07dae52fdc)

2014-02-19 16:47:20 Tree
[7ff646] by tmodes

Update Python scripts for API changes (Kay F. Jahnke)

2014-02-19 16:47:20 Tree
[5487a0] by Kornel Benko Kornel Benko

Typo, preventing compilation on unix

2014-02-19 08:50:47 Tree
[96f930] by tmodes

Allow cp generation in pano space for overlapping images in fast preview window

This extends the delete cp tool to a more general edit cp tool.

2014-02-16 09:23:29 Tree
[829492] by tmodes

Show optimizer dialog box always above current window

2014-02-16 08:55:26 Tree
[d303ea] by tmodes

Added variant of getImagesinROI with slightly different interface
to allow easier calling paths

2014-02-15 14:09:19 Tree
[7bf044] by tmodes

Removed empty destructor

This fixes problem under Windows with lost focus

2014-02-15 14:08:55 Tree
[82692a] by

update hugin.pod
(grafted from 0ea57e46cab3fe796c6cade696409278fc6f2c19)

2014-02-10 03:19:40 Tree
[7b8589] by

appdata, add missing CMakeLists.txt
(grafted from 184610701203b6776d70b40615f82fa7f2769a5b)

2014-02-09 04:20:07 Tree
[16c5fe] by

add appdata files
(grafted from 45c15a0d36b52792f144500e34ab973d0c1d62b5)

2014-02-08 23:37:47 Tree
[4d8852] by

add subdir linux for appdata
(grafted from 8cbe0f3afd99c1879caa00e8435023958ea9b8d6)

2014-02-08 23:37:02 Tree
[5954b8] (2011.4) by tmodes

Close 2011.4 branch

2014-02-12 17:17:15 Tree
[c726e2] (2012.0) by tmodes

Close 2012.0 branch

2014-02-12 17:16:51 Tree
[8e6353] (gui_overhaul) by tmodes

Close gui_overhaul branch

2014-02-12 17:16:25 Tree
[86f397] (gsoc2011_onomou) by tmodes

Close gsoc2011_onomou branch

2014-02-12 17:15:33 Tree
[8995fa] (2011.2) by tmodes

Close 2011.2 branch

2014-02-12 17:14:53 Tree
[961d66] (qtbased) by tmodes

Close qtbased branch

2014-02-12 17:14:13 Tree
[e6ce88] (experimental) by tmodes

Close experimental branch

2014-02-12 17:13:35 Tree
[88aafc] (2011.0) by tmodes

Close 2011.0 branch

2014-02-12 17:12:19 Tree
[2ae9e9] (lens_calibrate) by tmodes

Close lens_calibrate branch

2014-02-12 17:11:51 Tree
[df2d2b] (ippei) by tmodes

Close ippei branch

2014-02-12 17:10:47 Tree
[119510] (2010.4) by tmodes

Close 2010.4 branch

2014-02-12 17:09:00 Tree
[364169] (2010.2) by tmodes

Close 2010.2 branch

2014-02-12 17:07:11 Tree
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