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Newsworthy changes in 0.6
* updated vigra to version 1.4. All sourcecode of hugin is now
  released under approved open source licences. This means there
  is no problem with including hugin in debian and ubuntu anymore.
* Copy ICC profiles from input images to output
* Added vignetting correction and brighness correction
  during stitching.
  Vignetting can be corrected by addition or division.
  The correction can be done with a flatfield image or an
  radial polynomial
* Functionality to estimate the vignetting polynomial
  directly from the overlapping images. This is an experimental feature.
* Multithreaded remapping. hugin and nona fully utilize multiple
  CPUs or multi core CPUs during preview generation and stitching
* support for dcraw 16 bit .ppm files
* Disabled PTOptimizer progress display on OSX. This should fix
  the crashes some people have experienced.
* Czech translation added

Newsworthy changes in 0.5
* Added Catalan, Chinese and Hungarian translation
* Support TIFF compressions: NONE, DEFLATE, LZW
* option to create cropped tiff files for usage with enblend 2.4
* Mac OSX: fixed bug during calling PTOptimizer executable
* Windows only:
    hugin is shipped with the pano12.dll build with MSVC.
    This might lead to crashes when using PTStitcher.exe
    In that case replace pano12.dll with pano12_for_usage_with ptstitcher.dll

Newsworthy changes in 0.5 rc2
* Removed all non-opensource sourcecode from CVS
* Fixed various crashes
* Japanese, Russian, Brazilian and Dutch translation
* Proper default arguments for Autopano-SIFT on Windows
  (users of hugin 0.5 r1 or less need to restore the default

Newsworthy changes in 0.5 rc1
* Options on the menu and toolbar that are irrelevant
  are now disabled.
* enblend can now be called from nona even if it has 
  spaces in the path.

Newsworthy changes in 0.5 beta7
* Updated translations
* Fixes to the build system on linux and windows

Newsworthy changes in 0.5 beta6
* All files are now in source tarball
* French translation now complete

Newsworthy changes in 0.5 beta5

* Support for modifying the size of the right/left panes in many tabs.
* All controls can now be reached on smaller displays as many areas 
  of the interface are now scrollable.
* All image control buttons in the preview tab can now be accessed, 
  allowing support for far more images.

* OSX build now supports unicode.

* Enblend arguments specified in preferences are now passed on correctly.
* Multiple tiff file outputs are no longer deleted incorrectly.
* Simultaneous scrolling in control points editor tabs respects borders properly.

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