Tree [666186] 2013.0 / src /

File Date Author Commit
 celeste 2012-11-14 tmodes tmodes [d9792f] Show warning if celeste is running on grayscale...
 deghosting 2010-01-18 tmodes tmodes [25ad50] Added some header files into CMakeLists.txt
 dox 2011-07-29 Yuval Levy Yuval Levy [771dd0] fixed typo Hugin's instead of Hugin (tip Freder...
 foreign 2013-02-23 tmodes tmodes [074d34] Fixes compiler warning
 hugin1 2013-08-10 tmodes tmodes [2a43e8] Fixes drawing of cp again
 hugin_base 2013-08-01 tmodes tmodes [37ffb3] Use Boost::Signal2 with newer boost versions
 hugin_cpfind 2013-05-24 tmodes tmodes [710f50] Fixes memory overflow (Patch by Matthieu)
 hugin_script_interface 2013-05-22 ___matthieu___ ___matthieu___ [636261] [MacOSX] Added Xcode4 projects and an Xcode wor...
 matchpoint 2011-10-03 tmodes tmodes [fc1178] Fixes some compiler warnings
 tools 2013-02-23 tmodes tmodes [074d34] Fixes compiler warning
 translations 2013-06-10 tmodes tmodes [537425] Updated Chinese translation (Ewing Kang)
 CMakeLists.txt 2011-07-19 Yuval Levy Yuval Levy [ba85cc] Detect platform-specific threads library with C...
 Doxyfile 2011-02-27 Yuval Levy Yuval Levy [d2a914] Merged branch align_stack_stereo 2009-09-15 yuv yuv [b8e041] simplify log2 fix for FreeBSD and Windows
 hugin_config_mac.h 2011-09-15 tmodes tmodes [a6a619] Merged
 hugin_config_mac_python.h 2011-09-15 tmodes tmodes [a6a619] Merged
 hugin_shared.h 2011-04-30 tmodes tmodes [dcbac5] Added calibrate_lens_gui 2012-07-25 tmodes tmodes [11ab92] Merged with gui_overhaul branch

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