Hugin Log

Commit Date  
[da792d] by dangelo dangelo

Better handling of DATADIR and HUGINDATADIR in CMake files

2007-10-23 21:08:28 Tree
[ca14cc] by dangelo dangelo

changes to the windows installer scripts

2007-02-03 21:44:12 Tree
[207e32] by dangelo dangelo

update to windows build system

2006-08-20 21:29:30 Tree
[ca8364] by dangelo dangelo

updated win32 installer, include new panotools utils

2006-07-23 12:40:35 Tree
[3a4193] by dangelo dangelo

update the windows build system

2006-07-22 15:39:40 Tree
[da620f] by dangelo dangelo

do not associate .pto files with nona_gui.exe (fixes bug 1371056)

2005-12-16 14:07:31 Tree
[4001fa] by dangelo dangelo

ship windows distribution with both msvc and mingw build pano12.dll files

2005-12-11 22:17:14 Tree
[ba2954] by dangelo dangelo

removed obselete scripts

2005-09-18 18:43:59 Tree
[547fec] by dangelo dangelo

some preparations for hugin 0.5 rc2

2005-08-05 22:43:55 Tree
[a9521f] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Enable enblend in windows installer

2005-05-18 13:17:05 Tree
[14856c] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Update for rc1. Fix order of calling SetOutPath so files are installed in the correct place

2005-05-18 08:02:28 Tree
[811af5] by dangelo dangelo

updated build script for wxwidgets 2.6

2005-05-16 19:47:17 Tree
[7ed0e7] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Make sure the windows installer removes all files

2005-05-16 13:05:09 Tree
[1bc9a1] by dangelo dangelo

small bat file to build wxwidgets with the proper options

2005-05-05 22:00:18 Tree
[cd0c86] by dangelo dangelo

updated installer script

2005-02-04 00:39:01 Tree
[b155e5] by dangelo dangelo

added nona & prepared for beta2

2005-02-01 21:57:57 Tree
[5c7dfd] by dangelo dangelo

updates for windows build

2005-01-31 22:52:23 Tree
[f735b8] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Really update to 041102 version

2004-11-02 18:24:57 Tree
[8c347f] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Update to 041102 version

2004-11-02 17:43:40 Tree
[5b61c5] by dwilkins42 dwilkins42

Add NSIS installer script

2004-10-30 17:44:29 Tree
[45f7e2] by dangelo dangelo

interface script for autopano-sift, that makes parameters accessible
by the command line. Used by the new hugin autopano calling code

Somebody should write a windows equivalent.

2004-07-03 08:11:37 Tree
[6f0929] by dangelo dangelo

added working enblend option.

The external autopano doesn't work on windows yet.. have to write wrappers for
the different command line parameters.

autopano/enblend will have problems with spaces in the filenames.. have
to fix this sometime.

2004-06-29 21:43:23 Tree
[ba32fa] by dangelo dangelo

- small python hack to convert PTAssember (V1.x) files to .pto files
readable by hugin

2003-11-08 23:03:11 Tree

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