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[5359d8] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

New Danish translation, thank you Thomas Pryds!

2011-08-16 12:35:24 Tree
[7f0dad] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

2011.2.0_rc3 release notes

2011-08-14 18:01:08 Tree
[752ea8] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

Added tag 2011.2.0_rc3 for changeset 228a678d3af6

2011-08-14 16:37:57 Tree
[228a67] (2011.2.0_rc3) by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

Updated ChangeLog

2011-08-14 16:37:25 Tree
[554e09] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] further cleanup XCode project

2011-08-16 18:00:00 Tree
[b4c7e2] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

Update Dutch translation again

2011-08-16 17:55:46 Tree
2011-08-16 17:52:42 Tree
[a5b16f] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

Backed out changeset b765795f54cf

2011-08-16 17:47:44 Tree
[b76579] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

Update dutch translation

2011-08-16 16:59:58 Tree
[a9ea01] by mcri

Updated Italian translation.

2011-08-16 14:22:46 Tree
[e0b614] by Thomas Pryds Thomas Pryds

Danish translation at 100%

2011-08-16 10:13:02 Tree
[54c755] by Thomas Pryds Thomas Pryds

Danish translation file now at 85%

2011-08-15 19:03:31 Tree
[597467] by Vaclav Cerny Vaclav Cerny

updated czech translation

2011-08-13 21:08:00 Tree
[b12678] by Vaclav Cerny Vaclav Cerny

Updated Czech translation

2011-08-13 20:10:10 Tree
[89403e] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] More XCode restructuring and cleanup; Another minor step in python integration (still not functioning)

2011-08-13 12:36:31 Tree
[8f9cf0] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] embed single use batch scripts inside XCode (leave multi use scripts external); undo previous incorrect hsi stuff and redo it

2011-08-12 19:32:01 Tree
[b1f551] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] Now that I use an installer I can also easily pack all command line tools and symlink them from the installation folder to the bundled versions inside

2011-08-12 08:48:26 Tree
[ed6d0a] by onomou onomou

More fixes...

2011-08-11 22:38:33 Tree
[da3977] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] Improve Info plists of frameworks, add 4 new Info.plist files for newer frameworks, some minor hsi framework updates

2011-08-11 13:56:02 Tree
[f0c9d1] by onomou onomou

Numerous fixes...

2011-08-11 11:17:07 Tree
[f6d222] by onomou onomou

Fixed problems. Main line functionality working as before

2011-08-11 06:52:36 Tree
[133e1d] by onomou onomou

Will not compile - help?

2011-08-10 21:51:41 Tree
[801131] by onomou onomou

Untested: moved StraightLine to global panorama context, added associated functions

2011-08-09 06:42:22 Tree
[c5e843] by onomou onomou

Random commit: admist restructuring Straight Line procedures and class

2011-08-04 07:42:35 Tree
[b47fce] by onomou onomou

Add Line Delete button

2011-07-18 00:22:28 Tree
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