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Hugin Log

Commit Date  
[461836] by tmodes

Added tag 2011.4.0 for changeset cf9be9344356

2011-12-17 10:00:03 Tree
[d76a6c] by tmodes

Added release notes for 2011.4

2011-12-17 09:59:44 Tree
[11f10e] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Add a Linux GUI context menu item for pto_gen

2011-12-17 00:29:17 Tree
[71ffba] by tmodes

Unified line endings

2011-12-15 18:54:42 Tree
[05cfdb] by tmodes

Several improvements to pto_gen
* Added crop option to command line switches
* Improved parsing of wildcards (Windows only)
* Added some warnings about invalid combinations

2011-12-15 18:25:29 Tree
[8ba13e] by tmodes

pto_gen: Write default output into directory of first image instead of working directory [903968]

2011-12-14 17:47:32 Tree
[c88473] by tmodes

Added help page for pto_gen

2011-12-11 09:41:15 Tree
[ae9da5] by tmodes

PTBatcherGUI: Copy settings from preferences into new projects

2011-12-10 18:44:32 Tree
[347317] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] Add pto_gen to XCode project and distribution in dmg

2011-12-10 11:55:36 Tree
[e2bc6a] by tmodes

Updated flann to 1.6.11

2011-12-10 09:12:01 Tree
[7a2e16] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Build with a system-wide flann library if available (Andreas Metzler)

2011-12-08 23:07:22 Tree
2011-12-07 23:01:21 Tree
[3cd88b] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Basic man(1) page for pto_gen

2011-12-07 23:00:01 Tree
[523e0f] by tmodes

pto_gen: Improved reading of input image filenames (*nix only)

2011-12-07 20:27:12 Tree
[9a1da1] by tmodes

Updated Hungarian translations [900736] (Lajos H?ss)

2011-12-07 16:55:57 Tree
[6f19ad] by tmodes

Added new tool pto_gen for generation of pto file from image files

2011-12-07 16:53:11 Tree
[c2271b] by tmodes

Cpfind: take also keyfiles into account when limit number of threads

2011-12-04 08:38:58 Tree
[88c47c] by tmodes

Use gestalt on Mac OS to get memory size
Patch by furai

2011-12-04 08:37:50 Tree
[b5e9ae] by tmodes

Added tag 2011.4.0_rc1 for changeset cf9be9344356

2011-12-02 17:06:33 Tree
[cf9be9] (2011.4.02011.4.0_rc1) by tmodes

Update Changelog

2011-12-02 17:01:08 Tree
[6a085a] by tmodes

Cpfind: automatic limit number of thread
depending on image size and memory

2011-12-01 16:43:46 Tree
[d7a9fc] by tmodes

Unified line endings and indentation

2011-12-01 16:38:34 Tree
[dfe005] by tmodes

PTBatcherGUI: Show prefix relative to project file [892508]

2011-11-27 08:46:30 Tree
[eed694] by tmodes

Added HDR autocrop [679981]
Patch by Vladimir Nadvornik

2011-11-27 08:24:55 Tree
[6dbb7d] by tmodes

Added translation parameters to align_image_stack
Patch by Vladimir Nadvornik for alignment of stereoscopic images

2011-11-27 08:23:41 Tree
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