Hugin Log

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[3d132a] (gsoc2010_panorama_overview) by tmodes

Closing overview branch

2011-01-30 15:20:58 Tree
[a6303b] by tmodes

Show only current valid compression settings in preferences

2011-01-30 14:48:28 Tree
[f220f0] by tmodes

Added support for Python 3

2011-01-30 14:47:34 Tree
[e63c1f] by tmodes

Fixes crash in scripting interface when calling setImage

2011-01-30 14:46:45 Tree
[c12c22] by tmodes

Fixes crash with closed overview window, Windows only [700896]

2011-01-30 10:22:21 Tree
[1c1ed5] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

logical sort order for optimizer option (panorama vs. mosaic)

2011-01-30 07:10:06 Tree
[3ca9b1] by Yuval Levy Yuval Levy

New Preferences:
* output file format (LDR only)
* JPEG quality
* TIFF compression

2011-01-30 05:46:38 Tree
[2f3941] by tmodes

Changed declaration of custom events types

2011-01-29 12:04:43 Tree
[861ffc] by tmodes

Show result messagebox only if script was not successfully ended

2011-01-29 11:15:08 Tree
[d36138] by tmodes

Removed now unused file

2011-01-29 10:46:34 Tree
[8f7664] by tmodes

Added some keyboard shortcuts
* select all images with Ctrl+A in different images list
* select all control points with Ctrl+A in CP list
* insert image in Images tab with Insert
* delete image in Images tab with Delete

2011-01-29 10:38:58 Tree
[aef917] by tmodes

Don't update cp error after fine tune all [709489]

2011-01-29 07:41:12 Tree
[ae415c] by tmodes

Make image cache more silent (Release version only)

2011-01-29 07:40:30 Tree
[43ddb3] by tmodes

Limit size of grid texture to maximal supported texture size

2011-01-29 07:40:00 Tree
[82669f] by tmodes

Fixes sorting order (#709428)

2011-01-28 19:46:30 Tree
[d9cfab] by Kay F. Jahnke Kay F. Jahnke

Improved hugin scripting interface
* polished the i-file and added image variable access functions for all classes that use them.
* updated the README
* added wrapper for C++ fstreams
* major changes to CMakeLists.txt to handle the preprocesing of some headers and to include all dependencies of the i-file from headers
* renamed folder hsi to better integrate into existing source structure

2011-01-28 15:21:59 Tree
[19ef8a] by tmodes

[Windows] Correctly quote echo output

2011-01-27 22:11:34 Tree
[7617d7] by tmodes

Fixes memory leak
Could also fix texture create error (#708294)

2011-01-27 17:02:32 Tree
[a919ab] by tmodes

Delete temporary pto file created for stitching process

2011-01-26 19:44:18 Tree
[929252] by tmodes

Provide natural sort of filename

2011-01-26 18:57:10 Tree
[31ace2] by tmodes


2011-01-26 18:29:25 Tree
[cdfa73] by tmodes

Reject files with invalid characters when dropping files

2011-01-26 17:17:48 Tree
[11be84] by tmodes

Fixes some issues with handling of paths

2011-01-26 17:14:32 Tree
[1fc6ad] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Fix for compilation with gcc-4.6.0

2011-01-25 21:14:13 Tree
[9e1d08] by tmodes

Respect user specified temp dir for generating temp pto and makefile

2011-01-24 20:37:53 Tree
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