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[38ee5d] by tmodes

Removed unnecessary assignment

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:22:14 Tree
[d52085] by tmodes

Use .empty() instead of .size()==0 for speed reasons

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:21:30 Tree
[f2a287] by tmodes

Some more pre incrementor change

2013-12-15 17:20:37 Tree
[917d11] by tmodes

Use call by reference instead of call by value to prevent creating temporary const objects

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:20:14 Tree
[7ec845] by tmodes

Initialize member variable in constructor

2013-12-15 17:15:14 Tree
[316658] by tmodes

Fixes another memory leak

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:14:38 Tree
[03a745] by tmodes

Use pre instead of post incrementor for better performance

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:14:08 Tree
[2ad3da] by tmodes

Renamed LayoutRemapper::scale to m_layoutScale to don't overload MeshRemapper::scale

2013-12-15 17:06:40 Tree
[a96a60] by tmodes

Updated treelistctrl from wxCode

2013-12-15 17:05:08 Tree
[a491a6] by tmodes

Removed obsolete conversions

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:04:34 Tree
[75175d] by tmodes

Fixes constructor for AlgTinyVector

Calling another constructor in a constructors create a new instance of the
object and destroy it immediately

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 17:01:35 Tree
[bf0f07] by tmodes

Fixes memory leak

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 16:59:50 Tree
[981297] by tmodes

Fixes some format strings

Found by cppcheck

2013-12-15 16:58:52 Tree
[ffeeb9] by tmodes

Backed out changeset: 07f5b5c93514

Has unwanted side effects

2013-12-14 12:19:00 Tree
[694473] by tmodes

Sort images by exposure value before generating cp for align_image_stacks

So always images with lowest ev difference are compared against each other

2013-12-13 19:10:02 Tree
[7f819e] by tmodes

[Windows] Expand wildcards when invoking align_image_stacks

2013-12-13 19:08:52 Tree
[6f3fbb] by tmodes


2013-12-09 17:34:03 Tree
[be0066] by tmodes

Removed non-working grid checkbox [1258972]

2013-12-09 17:32:54 Tree
[ff2e57] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Add %f to Exec command, I'm not sure how this ever worked before

2013-12-08 21:48:40 Tree
[fc8ca4] by tmodes

Removed unnecessary glEnd() call

2013-12-08 15:39:35 Tree
[d1765b] by tmodes

Photometric optimizer: Do fallback optimization only if there are variables left to optimize

2013-12-08 10:39:34 Tree
[07f5b5] by tmodes

Load only lenses with matching crop factor from lensfun database

The coefficient delivered back for not-matching lens - camera crop factor are
not correct.

2013-12-08 08:23:12 Tree
[09790a] by tmodes

Assistant: Improved photometric optimizer
* don't optimize vignetting for single stack projects
* check intermediate results for plausibility and revert results if not plausible
* optimize also WB

2013-12-08 08:21:35 Tree
[9214f2] by tmodes

Assistant: Improve geometric optimizer
* narrower limits for checking strange results
* optimze FOV also for wide angle partial panos
* take single stack projects into account

2013-12-08 08:18:41 Tree
[757b5c] by tmodes

Updated CMake for wxWidgets 3.1 (Windows only)

2013-12-07 10:10:13 Tree
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