Hugin Log

Commit Date  
[2cc62f] by tmodes

Bump version number

2011-11-05 07:29:21 Tree
[75bc19] by tmodes

Fixes wrong return value

2011-11-04 16:38:37 Tree
[e03503] by tmodes

Correctly convert internal UInt8 mask to output mask format [881187]

2011-11-02 18:26:48 Tree
[f24c36] by tmodes

Several improvement to optimisation step in multi row algorithm
* Remove horizontal and vertical cp before optimisation
* Start the optimisation with a pairwise step for faster convergence

2011-11-02 17:44:12 Tree
[f363aa] by tmodes

Allow moving multiple image in image tab
Initial patch by Stephen Bennett

2011-11-02 17:29:14 Tree
[426bd4] by tmodes

Remove selection in images tab after deleting multiple images [882968]

2011-10-31 17:47:12 Tree
[fee152] by tmodes

Check also EXIF lens when searching for possible panoramas

2011-10-22 06:55:29 Tree
[e89e11] by tmodes


2011-10-21 21:22:00 Tree
[64ecc4] by tmodes

Fixes display of free memory in about dialog

2011-10-21 21:20:06 Tree
[1b9f16] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

A Makefile for downloading and converting the Hugin manual from the panotools wiki

2011-10-21 21:01:52 Tree
[83c61c] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Update manual from wiki

2011-10-21 20:51:14 Tree
[919fb6] by tmodes

Updated translations again

2011-10-21 20:40:59 Tree
[8cef8a] by tmodes

Added some more libs information to about dialog

2011-10-21 20:40:07 Tree
[3f7e48] by tmodes

Updated translations

2011-10-21 19:35:41 Tree
[335983] by tmodes

PTBatcherGUI: Added autoremove and autostitch option

2011-10-21 18:54:57 Tree
[9112a1] by tmodes

PTBatcherGUI: Simplified code for better readability

2011-10-21 16:55:28 Tree
[4e1714] by tmodes

PTBatcherGUI: Added some tooltips

2011-10-21 15:33:34 Tree
[ddbb50] by tmodes

PTBatcherGUI: Removed dangerous delete project file option

2011-10-21 15:28:19 Tree
[97b53c] by tmodes

Display also lens name

2011-10-16 09:21:24 Tree
[75a8d1] by tmodes

Allow setting of number of threads for stitching [678880]

2011-10-13 20:21:31 Tree
[eae49a] by tmodes

PTBatcherGUI: Added menu item to add project to assistant queue

2011-10-08 09:34:28 Tree
[f9027b] by tmodes

Fixes drawing of images on inner face of panosphere [869569]

2011-10-08 09:07:56 Tree
[6d9276] by tmodes

Update of CMakeModules for exiv 0.22

2011-10-06 19:03:55 Tree
[2ae80c] by tmodes

Fixes a warning on windows

2011-10-06 18:25:59 Tree
[71ec22] by tmodes

Fixes drawing of overview sphere and plane
This fixes several issues with black/darker images [854181, 737852]

2011-10-06 16:43:28 Tree
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