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 There is a known problem building Hugin with CMake 2.8.5rc2.
 Workaround: Upgrade to a newer CMake version.
-Mac OS X Users at Tiger and Lion: this version of Hugin contains an openMP enabled 
-enblend and enfuse. These versions don't run on Tiger and currently not on Lion either. 
-Please use the Tiger-compatible enblend and enfuse from the enblend-enfuse-4.0 folder 
-in this dmg. You can specify alternative "external" enblend and enfuse from the Programs 
-pane in the preferences after installing these special version by following the instructions 
-in the README in the enblend-enfuse-4.0 folder. 
+Mac OS X:
+- Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) is no longer supported.
+- The PPC platform is no longer supported.
+- The OpenMP enabled enblend is now compatible on Mac OS X Lion (10.7).
+- The cmake compilation of Hugin is currently broken due to the fact that
+the boost library on OS X is currently at version 1.50 and boost versions => 1.48
+conflict with a number of Mac OS X macros (from AssertMacros.h). This can
+not be disabled as WxWindows for Mac (a.k.a. WxMac) needs these macros.
+An XCode build, where a specific boost (<=1.46) can be specified, is
+possible. The 2012.0 OSX bundle will be based on an XCode build with boost
 An updated list of issues deemed to be critical, including discussions
 and workarounds is in the issue tracker.