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 is a drop-in replacement for <a href="PTStitcher.html" title="PTStitcher">PTStitcher</a> and is part of <a href="Hugin.html" title="Hugin">Hugin</a>. There is a <a href="Nona_gui.html" title="Nona gui">nona_gui</a> version that provides the same dialog boxes as the Windows/Mac versions of <a href="PTStitcher.html" title="PTStitcher">PTStitcher</a>.
+</p><p>Like PTStitcher and <a href="PTmender.html" title="PTmender">PTmender</a>, nona performs geometrical and photometric
+distortions on photos and writes the output to image files.  The parameters
+are specified in a .pto project file, i.e. nona doesn't decide what the
+distortions are going to be, it just does the <i>remapping</i> part of the stitching
-<a name="Advantages"></a><h2> <span class="mw-headline"> Advantages </span></h2>
+<a name="Advantages" id="Advantages"></a><h2> <span class="mw-headline"> Advantages </span></h2>
 <ul><li> Unlike <a href="PTStitcher.html" title="PTStitcher">PTStitcher</a>, <b>nona</b> has full source-code availability, this means that it can be used on many more platforms such as OS X, Linux x86_64, linux powerpc, Solaris and IRIX.
 </li><li> When set to use <a href="Cropped_TIFF.html" title="Cropped TIFF">cropped TIFF</a> output, <b>nona</b> doesn't perform expensive transformation calculations for unused areas of output images.  For panoramas consisting of many source photos this can speed things up greatly.
 </li><li> <b>nona</b> implements <a href="Vignetting.html" title="Vignetting">vignetting</a>, white-balance, brightness and <a href="Camera_response_curve.html" title="Camera response curve">camera response curve</a> correction at the stitching stage.
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 </li><li> nona supports <a href="HDR.html" title="HDR">HDR</a> images for input and output.
 </li><li> nona can merge 8bit low dynamic range <a href="Bracketing.html" title="Bracketing">bracketed</a> shots into <b>HDR</b> output.
-<a name="Disadvantages"></a><h2> <span class="mw-headline"> Disadvantages </span></h2>
+<a name="Disadvantages" id="Disadvantages"></a><h2> <span class="mw-headline"> Disadvantages </span></h2>
 <p>(Note: this is the situation as of May 2007, please correct this page if you know this has changed)
 <ul><li> Morph to fit control points are not supported.
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