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Hugin Log

Commit Date  
[23b227] by brunopostle brunopostle

Strip all external links from help docs, bug #1799035

2008-03-15 16:56:16 Tree
[fd4907] by dangelo dangelo

disable toolbar buttons in preview window if they are not applicable

2008-03-15 14:34:34 Tree
[02b57f] by dangelo dangelo

fixed [ 1914694 ] Crash in preview window
Additionally, "show all" and "show none" button now update the
preview window.

2008-03-15 13:21:27 Tree
[b7b4d7] by brunopostle brunopostle

These pages don't seem to be used any more, change anyway
in attempt to fix bug #1799035

2008-03-14 22:08:08 Tree
[12d1cf] by dangelo dangelo

added keypoint detector/descriptor benchmarks from
Ported to octave. This is a good and comprehensive way to compare different feature detectors/descriptors

2008-03-14 16:37:01 Tree
[c0a34b] by dangelo dangelo

Moved matchpoint into main hugin tree. Fixed crash when computing the descriptors.

2008-03-14 08:50:14 Tree
[e90dbc] by dangelo dangelo

Do not quote ~ and \ characters on windows (sh from UnxUtils is not a bash shell and uses different meta characters.).

2008-03-12 18:43:05 Tree
[09870f] by dangelo dangelo

updated swedish translation (Ulf Wilhelmson)

2008-03-12 06:41:21 Tree
[a530af] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] minor changes to mac scripts and addition of panomatic script

2008-03-11 20:38:46 Tree
[7f2490] by pooh22 pooh22

some small changes (mostly for mac build)

2008-03-09 19:03:12 Tree
[3a2c4e] by dangelo dangelo

removed "always on top" attribute of preferences dialog left over from
the older, non-modal preferences window. Hopefully fixes the problems
OSX users have with the file selector dialog.
[ 1908141 ] file dialogs called from preferences don't work

2008-03-09 18:36:16 Tree
2008-03-07 20:20:14 Tree
2008-03-07 15:44:25 Tree
[4ecd25] by brunopostle brunopostle

Update manual from wiki

2008-03-06 21:51:38 Tree
[52fecf] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

Dirty hack to AutoCtrlPointCreator.cpp to be able to use both panomatic and autopano-sift-c from within the bundle. Should be improved by a real programmer

2008-03-06 21:12:38 Tree
[d96827] by dangelo dangelo

when converting between 16 bit unicode and 8 bit strings, use wxConvFileName and wxConvLocal
conversions, instead of wxConvCurrent. Fixes an umlaut problem under linux. Might also allow
windows users using all characters in the local 8 bit windows codepage for directory/filenames.

2008-03-06 08:31:05 Tree
[6aaff8] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[OSX] modified autopano-sift-c script. Use cmake env variables

2008-03-04 18:31:09 Tree
[b0ccf8] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

autopano cmake script

2008-03-04 15:27:53 Tree
[b06128] by dangelo dangelo

fixed bug [ 1903695 ] hugin ask FOV info for each image seperatly

2008-03-01 17:09:54 Tree
[9840bb] by dangelo dangelo

Fixed empty control point list, related to bug [ 1904766 ] control point list problems

2008-03-01 16:40:37 Tree
[5ff33d] by dangelo dangelo

fixed bug [ 1904317 ] log2(3) not present on FreeBSD

2008-02-28 22:26:03 Tree
[512679] by dangelo dangelo

fixed problems with shell meta characters in file names, tested on linux, but might also work on windows.
Might also fix bug [1902471 ] make: *** No rule to make target

2008-02-28 22:12:50 Tree
[ba18d5] by dangelo dangelo

Builder is only set on windows builds

2008-02-28 22:08:31 Tree
[7fe4b0] by yuv yuv

better compression, languages clean-up and PTmender is now installed

2008-02-26 14:26:30 Tree
[384391] by yuv yuv

added builder information to SVN version

2008-02-26 14:23:48 Tree
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