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- compile a todo list

Panorama Overview Related TODO list:

 - Check the system in windows and mac (I can only test in windows)
 - DragTool: add lines from starting to ending point
 - Improve performance of calculating panosphere meshes by using GPU
 - Create realtime adjustments for the other viewer when dragging images
 - The projection grid is not included in the mosaic plane currently because just adding it as a rectilinear projection of the current grid will be ugly and not useful. So first I need to come up with some representation of the grid on the mosaic plane which will be useful.
 - The mosaic plane could use some things like:
        - rendering of the hypothetical camera positions for each image
        - rendering of the panosphere together with the plane to create a sense of what is going on. This also needs some thought
 - Dragging in the mosaic plane should support changing of the Z parameter as well
 - Test the system with masks for the issues that James pointed out
 - Highlighting an image in identify mode also highlights the image in the other viewer. This currently only works when the mouse is over the image buttons
 - Improve performance for great circles by using display lists and meshes also for the crosses. Also keep the old method by just using lines, which is useful for the preview
 - Check the issue with double difference choices
 - Add the interactive circles
 - Implement the better handling of image groups
 - Bug, sometimes changing the FOV sliders doesn't cause the overview to be redrawn
 - Add informative status messages
 - Automatic adjustment of the zoom level for the mosaic plane
 - The overview window does not process the mouse wheel on windows
 - Crash when switch mode if overview window is hidden (at startup)


  - Bug (at least in my computer) with wxAUI which causes the program to crash when both canvases are undocked and then docked.
    - with preview fixed to the frame this is not a problem anymore
  - Toggle buttons to show hide the overview and preview canvases
  - Add a switch for the projection grid or make it automatic for certain tabs.