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[1fab1b] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

Mosaic Mode 1.0

2012-08-14 14:35:40 Tree
[1e70b7] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

changed every function in OptimizePanel.cpp so it includes spin/tilt/rotate
variable in addition to r/p/y and x/y/z

user can now switch hugin GUI to mosaic mode and optimize Dev's six parameter
mosaic model.

stitching doesn't work: PanoramaMemento::loadPTScript() can't parse the
spin/tilt/rotate parameters (Te0,Te1,Te2). Fix on Wednesday.

2012-07-18 00:10:45 Tree
[23b83b] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

* Added checklist boxes to optimize_panel.xrc

* Added m_spin_list/m_tilt_list/m_rot_list to OptimizePanel::Create()

empty check list boxes show up in hugin optimizer tab

2012-07-17 23:07:56 Tree
[0adc8e] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

In OptimizePanel::OnChangeMode() removed localPano temporary variable and now
call isMosaicNotPano(), setMosaicNotPano(), and devMosaic() with m_pano
PT::Panorama vaiable.

2012-07-17 22:49:59 Tree
[8649fa] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

* Added accessor and setter functions for mosaicNotPano boolean.

* Set mosaicNotPano using setter in OptimizePanel::OnChangeMode()

2012-07-17 14:58:15 Tree
[33fe57] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

Added stub to warn users who press the OpenGL Preview button that Mosaics
may look incorrect in the Preview and to not adjust FOV/crop/other settings

Added stub to warn users who select mosaic mode optimization to refrain from
adjusting settings in Stitcher tab.

2012-07-16 22:44:34 Tree
[f950eb] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

Added stub wxStaticText object to Assistant Panel. When text is filled in,
this warning will guide users to avoid the Assistant and to use the Image tab
to begin the mosaic making process.

2012-07-16 20:43:45 Tree
[7b11db] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

Added devMosaic() stub function headers and body:
* In base class PanoramaData, added pure virtual function header for devMosaic()

* In Panorama.h, added function header for devMosaic()

* In Panorama.cpp, added body (just a printf for now) of devMosaic() as member of Class Panorama

* In OptimizePanel.cpp function OptimizePanel::OnChangeMode(),
declared Panorama object localPano, copied contents of m_pano (global pano), called devMosaic

2012-07-16 16:23:04 Tree
[564f69] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

commented out two changes from 5887 that caused seg fault when saving pto script file
after selecting mosaic mod from optimizer pull-down

2012-07-13 17:05:07 Tree
[d9978d] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

* shortened pull-down menu string for mosaic creation (in optimizer tab) in optimize_panel.xrc

* added protected wxCheckListBox pointer data members m_spin_list, m_tilt_list, and m_rot_list
to OptimizePanel Class definition in OptimizePanel.h

* Created checkbox lists for spin,tilt,rot in OptimizePanel:Create()
(note these checkboxes aren't part of the GUI yet)

* added spin,tilt,rot to Optimize::getOptimizeVector() function

2012-07-12 23:49:35 Tree
[75c70a] by Dev Ghosh Dev Ghosh

* added tilt params to PanotoolsInterface.cpp, PanoramaVariable.cpp, Panorama.cpp,
PTScriptParsing.cpp, ImageVariableTranslate.h
* added "mosaicNotPano" flag as boolean to to PanoramaMemento Class (in Panorma.h)
* added string "OPT_STR_XYZ" indicating user selected mosaic mode 6 parameter
(spin/tilt/rotate/translate x/y, cam height) optimization
* Added menu entry spint, tilt, rotate... (Te0,Te1,Te2,TrX,TrY,TrZ) to optimize_panel_mode
in optimize_panel.xrc (xml file containing GUI entries)

2012-07-12 21:19:52 Tree
[816c5e] by tmodes

Added tool geocpset to add geometric contraints for multirow panorama with featureless images

2013-02-21 18:10:21 Tree
[14e059] by tmodes

Added cpfind prealigned as settings for Mac OS

2013-02-21 16:53:56 Tree
[7f5499] by tmodes

Fixes issue with preferences menu item on Mac OS

2013-02-16 13:04:35 Tree
[352efe] by tmodes

Removed obsolete code

Code resulted in unresponsive app under some circumstances

2013-02-16 09:35:20 Tree
[c59ead] by tmodes

Use Replace instead of Remove+Insert

2013-02-14 16:38:14 Tree
[f6bee6] by tmodes

Don't add project twice to PTBatcherGUI queue (Mac only)

2013-02-13 16:41:15 Tree
[543b3b] by mcri

Updated Italian translation

2013-02-10 17:10:30 Tree
[a79873] by tmodes

Make make aware of Hugins internal tempdir (Windows only) [791677]

2013-02-07 17:49:23 Tree
[37244e] by Vaclav Cerny Vaclav Cerny

Czech translation updated

2013-02-06 19:55:03 Tree
[4f0c6e] by tmodes

Little fix for better code readability

2013-02-06 18:05:11 Tree
[de34f4] by tmodes

Show invalid filenames in list

Some user were not capable to interpret the old dialog

2013-02-05 19:00:15 Tree
[87f217] by tmodes

Fixes typo

2013-02-04 17:22:19 Tree
[7a3ea7] by Thomas Pryds Thomas Pryds

Updated Danish translation

2013-02-03 20:34:19 Tree
[d71bd9] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

Update Dutch translation; additional new strings

2013-02-03 13:45:50 Tree
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