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+Goal: frontend for Panorama Tools, similar
+      to PTAssembler, PTGui or Open for Windows.
+hugin can be used to stitch multiple images together. The resulting image can
+span 360 degrees. Another common use is the creation of very high resolution
+pictures by combining multiple images.
+It uses the Panorama Tools (http://www.path.unimelb.edu.au/~dersch/)
+as backend, to create high quality images
+typical use:
+1. load images
+2. specify initial parameters (lens etc)
+3. select control points points.
+4. run optimizer to estimate image positions
+5. set output parameters and stich images together.
+3. might be splitted into
+  - move pictures to approxmiate positions with mouse
+  - program should search for corrospondances in overlapping regions.
+  a completely automatic version would be even better ;)
+Knowledge of Panorama Tools is needed to use this.
+Good introductions are the tutorials from PTGUI and PTAssembler.
+The steps are approximately the same.
+Some links to get you started:
+Send me a mail if you have questions: pablo.dangelo@gmx.de