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+qmake from trolltech is used to create the makefiles etc.
+hugin uses the following libraries. make sure that they are completely installed (including dev packages)
+Panorama Tools, get it from http://www.path.unimelb.edu.au/~dersch and unpack
+it somewhere. Add the Helpers/ subdir to your path.
+QT, version 3.1 (it might be rewritten to use only 2.3 features)
+libjpeg, version 6b (to read jpeg image properties without loading the whole image)
+libexif, version 0.5.9 (to read digital camera information, to calculate the focal length)
+lower version numbers of the libs work as well. I'm using debian unstable, so the libs I use tend to be
+quite new.
+All these libraries must be installed properly and compile without additional
+flags. If additional compiler flags are needed, add them to src/hugin.pro.
+This is alpha software. If you cant make it compile don't bother using it at the current state.
+do the following:
+$ cd src
+$ qmake
+$ make
+this will create the hugin binary. copy it somewhere in your path.

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