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[17dba7] (hugin-0-7-0-rc2) by brunopostle brunopostle

really update ChangeLog for rc2 release

2008-08-13 17:39:16 Tree
[c113ae] by brunopostle brunopostle

Update manual from panotools wiki

2008-08-13 17:26:27 Tree
[b61ec6] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[Mac] updates to bundle build scripts. Enblend/enfuse now correctly called from bundle

2008-08-12 16:45:49 Tree
[04ada6] by dangelo dangelo

fixed bug [ hugin-Bugs-2034515 ] Stitcher: Crop is inconsistent

2008-08-11 22:29:29 Tree
[3ab576] by dangelo dangelo

fixed compiler warning about using uninitalized values in align_image_stack. It probably really was a bug.

2008-08-11 22:14:15 Tree
[8c07c1] by brunopostle brunopostle

Update ChangeLog for rc2 release

2008-08-11 21:39:51 Tree
[58eb21] by brunopostle brunopostle

fix Bug #2046194 (Rihards)

2008-08-11 20:53:50 Tree
[b0b657] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[Mac] Minor changes to scripts

2008-08-10 15:09:33 Tree
[659a0b] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[Mac] Too many files added. Delete them now. Sorry

2008-08-10 13:45:12 Tree
[e44398] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

[Mac] Alpha Stage: scripts to make a Universal bundle. These scripts are not integrated in the cmake build, but the cmake build is integrated in the scripts.

2008-08-10 13:37:22 Tree
[0ae4d5] by gpatters1 gpatters1

[2027795] Keep popups from assistant and images panel above the main window.

2008-08-07 20:20:31 Tree
[f58e85] by gpatters1 gpatters1

[1981284] Completely disabled the enable/disable output formats for the 0.7.0 release.

2008-08-07 18:34:18 Tree
[719734] by harryvanderwolf harryvanderwolf

mac: Add pkgconfig copy to script for combined script build with hugin cmake script build

2008-08-05 18:29:22 Tree
[b63f61] by dangelo dangelo

more robust align button algorithm, figures out if distortion optimisation went crazy and reoptimized without distortion.

2008-08-04 13:13:23 Tree
[f91dc6] by dangelo dangelo

disabled enabling/disabling of output options

2008-08-04 13:12:04 Tree
[0c38eb] by dangelo dangelo

return 0 if -h option is given

2008-08-04 13:08:48 Tree
[ad705f] by dangelo dangelo

return zero exit code for -h

2008-08-04 13:07:08 Tree
[445b5b] by dangelo dangelo

added pto2mk tools to generate the stitching makefile from a pto file

2008-08-04 13:06:28 Tree
[f18abd] by brunopostle brunopostle

Updated Hungarian translation (H?ss Lajos)

2008-07-31 21:25:05 Tree
[ed637b] by brunopostle brunopostle

Updated Swedish translation (Ulf Wilhelmson)

2008-07-31 21:12:30 Tree
[d231a1] by dangelo dangelo

updated russian translation (Alexandre Prokoudine)

2008-07-31 19:09:02 Tree
[81cc1a] by ippei ippei

Mac: replace builder variable properly (currently empty)

2008-07-31 14:21:25 Tree
[51d996] by ippei ippei

Mac: uneccesary file

2008-07-31 14:05:26 Tree
[19e472] by ippei ippei

Mac: build update; easier to compile for multiple repositories, external single architecture fix, boost 1.36

2008-07-31 14:04:34 Tree
[90141f] by brunopostle brunopostle

Updated French translation (Jean-Luc Coulon)

2008-07-29 22:57:55 Tree
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