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[1bdea5] by fmannan fmannan

+added platform/windows/autopano-mockup/CMakeLists.txt was causing problem in previous commit

2009-05-23 18:17:59 Tree
[fa20a7] by fmannan fmannan

+ modified graph construction (kz'02), energy terms (integer weight and thresholding), and datatype for edge capacities from float to int
+ merge from trunk (3877) to branch

2009-05-23 18:16:15 Tree
[261128] by fmannan fmannan

+merged trunk (3213-3784) to branch
+minor code cleanup

2009-04-16 05:10:01 Tree
[3f9ab6] by fmannan fmannan

+Merged from trunk (3212) to branch
+Changed build system. Now the maskeditor core and segmentation routines are built as libraries which can be used by either the standalone gui or hugin.
+Started modifying PreviewFrame to incorporate MaskEdEditWnd

2008-07-22 05:00:01 Tree
[ded5d2] by bavanandel bavanandel

Bugfix to smartblend-wrapper for properly handling quoted filenames

2010-03-04 17:44:38 Tree
[d55a05] by bavanandel bavanandel

Bugfix to the last update (I mixed up two versions on my harddrive)

2010-02-23 23:06:40 Tree
[5081d5] by bavanandel bavanandel

Update to smartblend-wrapper: don't change the filename anymore; only strip arguments which Hugin forcibly supplies; documentation update

2010-02-23 22:14:44 Tree
2010-01-20 15:46:30 Tree
[df7691] by allardkatan allardkatan

Updated files related to the windows installer

2010-01-18 17:59:52 Tree
[d4a2f3] by erik_krause erik_krause

Sorry, mistake...

2009-11-03 19:24:55 Tree
[6c7a72] by erik_krause erik_krause

corrected my entry

2009-11-03 19:19:38 Tree
[cab005] by allardkatan allardkatan

installscript that works with current SDK + panomatic

2009-10-06 06:00:03 Tree
[dfc4b2] by allardkatan allardkatan

added line for extra installer script

2009-10-06 05:57:43 Tree
[e500f0] by yuv yuv

spelling fixes (clemty)

2009-08-03 19:04:08 Tree
[67a98a] by Lukas Jirkovsky Lukas Jirkovsky

smartblend wrapper: remove -m switch from command line

2009-08-03 11:04:03 Tree
2009-02-26 23:59:21 Tree
2009-02-26 23:58:35 Tree
[82d110] by Lukas Jirkovsky Lukas Jirkovsky

Removed renaming of outputfile from smartblend wrapper, because it breaks it's use as an alternative enblend program (exiftool tries to use non-existing file).

2009-02-20 14:16:59 Tree
[86deb7] by Lukas Jirkovsky Lukas Jirkovsky

More fixes to smartblend wrapper.

2009-02-20 14:00:49 Tree
[c1e840] by Lukas Jirkovsky Lukas Jirkovsky

Remove --gpu parameter from smartblend parameters

2009-02-20 07:15:29 Tree
[30d7bf] by yuv yuv

added celeste and PTBatcher to InnoSetup installer

2009-02-19 23:18:41 Tree
[eeca70] by Lukas Jirkovsky Lukas Jirkovsky

Some polishing to the smartblend wrapper. Now it also removes --compresion with numerical value (for JPEG files). Use wine's return value as a return value of script. Added possibility to override settings by setting SMARTBLEND variable.

2009-02-07 13:44:52 Tree
[dd96b7] by yuv yuv

fix path with space (thanks cenda at cendaweb d. cz)

2009-01-08 23:51:33 Tree
[db2802] by yuv yuv

updated instructions for smartblend wrapper

2008-10-09 21:33:26 Tree
[0e45cf] by yuv yuv

added smartblend wrapper by Bart van Andel

2008-10-09 14:17:39 Tree
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