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Hugin Log

Commit Date  
[07df41] by onurcc onurcc

Bug fixed about multiple kd-trees method, also added small progress increments after each keypoint generation for an image

2008-08-15 22:27:21 Tree
[1b4a52] by onurcc onurcc

CLK_TCK defined

2008-08-12 01:39:28 Tree
[cd0d55] by onurcc onurcc

Linear search is modified wrt 0.6 rule (it was using an upper bound value)

2008-08-11 08:57:12 Tree
[d7200f] by onurcc onurcc

Bug fixed

2008-08-05 18:56:33 Tree
[a545d1] by onurcc onurcc

Fixed cmake build

2008-07-10 09:46:10 Tree
[0d4a89] by onurcc onurcc

Fixed cmake build

2008-07-09 22:07:39 Tree
[9d0bb6] by onurcc onurcc

One missing header for KDTreeKeypointMatcher is added.

2008-07-07 21:21:38 Tree
[e1881e] by onurcc onurcc

All the matching algorithms (linear, single and multiple kd-trees) can be used in Hugin application, through Assistant/Align... process.
src/hugin_base/CMakeLists.txt is updated, but I guess there will be compilation errors, please notify me (onur kucuktunc) if you successfully modify cmake files and compile the whole project.

2008-07-07 16:52:45 Tree
[cfbd92] by onurcc onurcc

Linear Search can now be tested by using aligning option in Assistance tab. TODO: You cannot compile the project right now, CMakeLists files will be updated.

2008-07-02 00:38:01 Tree
[e976b6] by onurcc onurcc

Feature matching codes so far. Also added Zoran's feature extractor codes to control_points.

2008-06-28 11:33:30 Tree
[1bdea5] by fmannan fmannan

+added platform/windows/autopano-mockup/CMakeLists.txt was causing problem in previous commit

2009-05-23 18:17:59 Tree
[fa20a7] by fmannan fmannan

+ modified graph construction (kz'02), energy terms (integer weight and thresholding), and datatype for edge capacities from float to int
+ merge from trunk (3877) to branch

2009-05-23 18:16:15 Tree
[261128] by fmannan fmannan

+merged trunk (3213-3784) to branch
+minor code cleanup

2009-04-16 05:10:01 Tree
[23b1f0] by fmannan fmannan

+Added Contour Tracing code
+Added show/hide contour option in the GUI

2009-01-11 21:18:26 Tree
[4611eb] by fmannan fmannan

GUI update:
+ Images are centered
+ Checkerboard pattern at the back
+ Added base code for retrieving mask contour

2009-01-04 00:23:24 Tree
[e6ff7b] by fmannan fmannan

+some changes to binary mask
+mask is stored as <imgname>_mask.tif

2008-11-29 17:46:45 Tree
[5a438a] by fmannan fmannan

+design document updated

2008-08-19 06:25:17 Tree
[0eb1a9] by fmannan fmannan

+Updated mask saving option in Mask Editor to store all the masks as tif files. The user needs to provide the prefix and mask would be generated as <prefix>_<image no.>.tif Later on, I'll add option for specifying the output format.

2008-08-18 20:26:43 Tree
[2195b0] by fmannan fmannan

+Updated hugin's MaskEdEditWnd to support polyed_basic's polygon vertex editing
+Implemented storing metadata for lazysnapping
+Bug fix:
Active image determination in standalone mask editor
Flicker in mask editor window (not done in hugin yet)

2008-08-18 05:07:06 Tree
[0520d1] by fmannan fmannan

+made vertices of polygon in polyed_basic editable (undo/redo/move)
+CMakeLists.txt was missing masked_main_toolbar.xrc

2008-08-13 20:23:07 Tree
[1a8067] by fmannan fmannan

+fixed problems with editing while zoomed in/out
+Saving project will store the bitmap mask as well

2008-08-12 04:20:46 Tree
[b5bf61] by fmannan fmannan

+fixed crash that occurred while changing mask editing option in hugin. LazySnapping now works in hugin.
+implemented code for retrieving edited alpha mask.

2008-08-07 04:08:56 Tree
[43d9e2] by fmannan fmannan

+minor bugfix

2008-08-05 16:36:22 Tree
[47ee98] by fmannan fmannan

+added missing CMakeLists files

2008-08-05 13:18:53 Tree
[4924ab] by fmannan fmannan

+polyed_basic working in hugin
+image being edited is determined automatically
+using edited alpha mask partially implemented

2008-08-05 04:45:13 Tree
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