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<title>Hugin-2010.4.0 release notes</title>
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<h1>Hugin-2010.4.0 release notes</h1>
<p>Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more.</p>

<!-- Note for proof readers/editors:  Although this document is ostensibly a
list of new features, it gets copied and distributed to suprising locations, so
as a result most readers are unlikely to have used Hugin before.  i.e. the
audience of this document is somebody who has an idea what a panorama stitcher
might be, has never heard of Hugin, but is interested in discovering cool new
software. -->


<p>This release of Hugin is dedicated to Milko K. Amorth (1960-2010).  Details
in the About menu.</p>

<h2>Changes Since 2010.2.0</h2>

<p>This is our third release in 2010.  For the first time Hugin can be considered
feature-complete.  A third-party control points generator is no longer necessary.
This release delivers some major new features, integrates some projects from the
<em>2010 Google Summer of Code</em>, and includes many general improvements.</p>

<h3>Built-in Control Points Generator</h3>

<p>For the first time Hugin does not depend on a third-party control points
generator.  <em>cpfind</em> is the result of years of ongoing efforts and
Google Summer of Code projects aimed at delivering a 'patent-free' control
points generator.  Third-party control point generators are still supported.</p>

<p>Instead of passing an often incomplete and incompatible set of parameters
through the command line, the built-in control points generator has direct access
to all project information and tools.  It speeds up and optimizes multi-row
matching.  It uses Celeste to identify the sky.  Unlike most of its predecessors,
it is multi-threaded and takes advantage of modern multi-core hardware.</p>

<p>Additionally, Hugin now has the ability to save and load control-point
generators settings from disk, reducing confusion and errors due to the changes
in the command line interface of the third-party control points generators.</p>

<h3>Improved Unattended Operation</h3>

Many features improve unattended (batch) operation including:
<li>The <em>Batch Processor</em> has been improved and can now automatically
detect projects.</li>
<li>The <em>Assistant</em> is now batchable as well, so more operations can be
automated and run unattended.</li>
<li>More robust Makefiles to drive the stitching process (see Refactored
Makefile Library below).</li>

<h3>Improved Interaction and Functionality</h3>

Many features improve user interaction (real-time) including:
<li>Masks have been extended with two new types to support stacks in the <em>Masks tab</em>.</li>
<li><em>Numeric Transform</em> now supports translation (mosaic mode).</li>
<li>Photos are now loaded in a background thread.  This means that Hugin projects
can be used immediately without waiting for all the photos to be read.</li>
<li>The <em>Stitcher tab</em> is now rearranged with less jargon to clarify
the process.</li>
<li>Better compliance with native user interface guidelines on Windows, OS X,
and Linux.</li>
<li>Hints in the Preview window now suggest improvements.</li>

<h3>Improved Reporting of Stitching and System Information</h3>

<li>System information is shown in About window.</li>
<li>Stitching now reports more information about the current system.</li>
<li>Stitching log can be saved for better bug reporting.</li>

<h3>New Command-Line Tools</h3>

<li><em>cpfind</em> is a command line interface to Hugin's native 'patent-free'
control point detector.</li>
<li><em>icpfind</em> uses the different control point detectors and heuristic
control point detector strategies from the command line. It does not introduce 
new functionality; it allows running the different control points detectors
with a unified command structure from the command line. </li>
<!--<li><em>checkpto</em> note to self: it is a helper program to the makefile assistant
and not intended for stand-alone use.  Should we mention it?  I don't think so.  Yuv</li>-->

<h3>Refactored Makefile Library</h3>

<p>Hugin stitches panoramas by chaining together individual commands.
The stitching process is driven by <a href="" target="_blank">make</a>,
a tool known for automatically assembling software, not images.  The list of targets
and the commands to reproduce them are described in a declarative language called
a Makefile.  Hugin leverages the benefits of make for the stitching process.
Makefiles make the process easy to stop and start, postpone or continue on different
machines, and generally makes everything very flexible and efficient.  If a panorama
has been only partially edited, the Makefile ensures that only those steps that
have changed are computed again.  Make enables advanced application such as
automated stitching and distributed stitching.</p>

<p>With this release, the stitching logic has been recreated with a new C++
library for creating Makefiles.  This should enable better and more precise control
over the various stitching tools and scripting of other aspects of panorama creation.</p>

<h3>Libraries and Build Improvements</h3>

<li>Hugin uses the wxWidgets GUI toolkit.  Support has been added for <em>wxWidgets 2.9</em>.
It is still experimental.  Hugin still supports wxWidgets 2.7 and recommends 2.8.</li>
<li>Support for gcc-4.4.4 and gcc-4.5.1 compilers.</li>
<li><em>boost</em> 1.34 minimum version required.  At least the following boost libraries
are required:
<li><a href="">filesystem</a></li>
<li><a href="">graph</a></li>
<li><a href="">iostreams</a></li>
<li><a href="">regex</a></li>
<li><a href="">signals</a></li>
<li><a href="">system</a></li>
<li><a href="">thread</a></li>
<li>Hugin defaults to saving TIFF files with LZW compression instead of PACKBITS.
This requires a libtiff with LZW support.</li>
<li>On Linux/Unix systems, libraries are now installed in a private location.  This
simplifies things for users who want to run multiple versions of Hugin

<h3>Migration to Launchpad</h3>

<p>Tracking of bugs, patches, and features requests for Hugin has switched from
<em>SourceForge</em> to <em>Launchpad</em>.  Hugin's needs have outgrown the
SourceForge tracker.  The project is grateful to SourceForge for providing it
with a nurturing infrastructure since inception.  We hope that the more modern
and feature-rich tracker on Launchpad will enable the project to work through
the backlog of over 200 tickets and process an increasing amount of tickets
more efficiently.</p>

<h3>New Visuals</h3>

<p>Hugin has had the same logo and icon almost since inception.  Unfortunately,
the source files have gone lost in time.  Cristian Marchi contributed SVG
files of new logo and icons that are an evolution of the original artwork by
Dr. Luca Vascon. To celebrate the first feature-complete release of Hugin the
project has adopted a new visual appearance.  Moreover all artwork source has
been collected into ./artwork-src.  To facilitate contributions from graphic
designers the generation of the actual buttons and icons has been streamlined
and scripted.</p>


<p>Most of the translations have been updated for this release.</p>

<h3>Other Improvements</h3>

<p>This release has the usual bugfixes, adds minor features, and provides some
more command-line tools for scripting panorama projects.</p>

<!-- Note for translators: the rest is mostly the same as the previous release announcement -->

<h2>Control point generators</h2>
<p>Hugin ships now with its own 'Patent Free' control point generator. You can
still install and configure one of the following control-point generators as
<li>Autopano freeware version</li>
<p>The project will continue to support the plug-in architecture.</p>

<p>Upgrading from previous versions of Hugin should be seamless. If
you do have problems with old settings, these can be reset in the
Preferences window by clicking 'Load defaults'.</p>

<p>For users compiling from source: note that the minimum version of
<em>wxWidgets</em> supported is 2.7.0, libpano13 needs to be at least
2.9.17, and that Hugin requires <em>GLEW</em> the OpenGL Extension Wrangler
Library, <em>freeglut</em> the OpenGL utility toolkit, and <em>libGLU</em> the
OpenGL utility library.</p>

<p>See the README and INSTALL_cmake files for more information.</p>

<p>Thanks to all the contributors to this release and members of
the hugin-ptx mailing list, too many to mention here.</p>
<hr />

<p>Hugin can be found at <a

<p>Hugin sourcecode can be downloaded from SourceForge: <a href=""></a>.</p>

<p>This is a sourcecode release.  The project has limited resources and relies on third parties to produce binaries for the different platforms.  Instructions <a href="">here</a>.  If you have a build to contribute for your platform, <a href="">contact</a> the Hugin developers team.