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autopano-sift-C Log

Commit Date  
[fcaf51] by dangelo dangelo

applied patch

2007-02-02 21:41:59 Tree
[bde674] by dangelo dangelo

find include files in standart directories

2007-02-02 21:14:39 Tree
[4de683] by dangelo dangelo

added debug statement

2007-02-02 21:04:45 Tree
2007-02-02 21:04:10 Tree
[665552] by dangelo dangelo

fixed minimum search

2007-02-02 21:03:13 Tree
[ce2eae] by brunopostle brunopostle

Minor tweak to build on a system with pano12 installed

2007-01-23 22:11:12 Tree
[f13e55] (vendorstart) by unknown

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'vendor'.

2006-08-21 06:35:05 Tree
[0c247c] by dangelo dangelo

Initial revision

2006-08-21 06:35:05 Tree
[0a48b8] by unknown

New repository initialized by cvs2svn.

2006-08-21 06:35:05 Tree