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2010-05-04  brunopostle

	* [r5143] APSCpp/APSCpp.c: Fix fov output when --projection is used,
	  patch #2996756 (Felix Hagemann)

2010-03-11  brunopostle

	* [r5060] APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c: Fix for --focal-length parameter,
	  patch #2968247 (Felix Hagemann)

2010-03-02  brunopostle

	* [r5041] APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c: Change reported date from 23July2009
	  to 16February2010

2010-02-16  brunopostle

	* [r4986] APSCpp/APSCpp.c, ChangeLog: Fix for broken --projection
	  parameter (Alexandre Duret-Lutz)

2010-01-06  brunopostle

	* [r4858] README: Remove outdated C# build instructions

2009-09-30  yuv

	* [r4520] APSCpp/CamLens.c, AutoPanoSift.h, DisplayImage.c,
	  config.h.in.cmake: remove pano12 cruft
	  fix version number to disambiguate from 2.5.1 interim release

2009-09-28  brunopostle

	* [r4513] ChangeLog: Switch to slightly different svn2cl format
	* [r4512] CMakeLists.txt: New ChangeLog regime, update like so:

2009-08-15  brunopostle

	* [r4217] ChangeLog: update
	* [r4216] CMakeLists.txt: Some fixes for cpack
	* [r4215] CMakeLists.txt: reset version to 2.5.2 to match source code
	* [r4214] ChangeLog: update
	* [r4213] APSCpp/APSCpp.c: Fix for crash when path contains spaces
	  #2137412 (ippei)
	* [r4212] CMakeLists.txt, ChangeLog: Bump version to 2.6.0 and update
	  ChangeLog for release candidate

2009-07-27  tksharpless

	* [r4118] APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c, RevisionLog.txt: Removed "refine"
	  option and related code.
	* [r4114] APSCpp/APSCpp.c, APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c, APSCpp/CamLens.c,
	  APSCpp/sphereAlign.h, LoweDetector.c, RevisionLog.txt: Usable, needs
	  Reads PTGui & PTAsm projects; works with stereographic off;
	  Several command options still to be implemented

2009-07-22  tksharpless

	* [r4082] APSCpp/APSCpp.c, APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c, APSCpp/CamLens.c,
	  APSCpp/sphereAlign.h, RevisionLog.txt: Basically working with Hugin,
	  PTGui and PTAsm projects without any "gotcha's". But PTGui circular
	  fisheye fov is incompletely specified, so don't trust that.
	  Added option to set actual fisheye type used for processing the
	  images, independently of source stitcher's opinions (which ain't
	  worh Jack).
	  Reads layout and lens correction data but does not uses them yet.

2009-07-19  tksharpless

	* [r4055] APSCpp/APSCpp.c, APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c, RevisionLog.txt:
	  remove option to use legacy k-d tree
	  change "align-aware" to "use-layout"
	* [r4054] APSCpp/APSCpp.c, APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c, AutoPanoSift.h,
	  RevisionLog.txt: Initial easy steps in a continuing revision of
	  APSCpp (detailed journal in RevisionLog.txt)
	  new version # 2.5.1.
	  corrected antialiasing code
	  removed alignment option & supporting code
	  added 2 stereographic control options
	  Revised some messages and reports.

2009-05-30  brunopostle

	* [r3897] APSCmain.c, APSCpp/ANN/CMakeLists.txt,
	  APSCpp/ANNkd_wrap.cpp, APSCpp/APSCpp.c, APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c,
	  APSCpp/CMakeLists.txt, APSCpp/CamLens.c, APSCpp/HermiteSpline.h,
	  APSCpp/README-autopano-sift-c.txt, APSCpp/saInterp.c,
	  APSCpp/saInterp.h, APSCpp/saRemap.c, APSCpp/sphereAlign.h,
	  CMakeLists.txt, MatchKeys.c: unify line-endings

2009-05-29  brunopostle

	* [r3895] APSCpp/APSCpp.c: Commented out unused gaussian blur (Scott
	* [r3894] AutoPanoSift.h, ImageMap.c: Inline ImageMap_SetPixel() and
	  ImageMap_GetPixel() patch #2798145 (Scott Crosby)

2009-05-08  gkohlmeyer

	* [r3841] CMakeLists.txt: Updated CMake file for wxWidgets 2.8.10

2009-03-08  brunopostle

	* [r3713] CMakeLists.txt, ChangeLog: fix binary cpack generator
	  (Kornel Benko)

2009-03-04  brunopostle

	* [r3703] CMakeLists.txt: cpack stuff required for RPM and DEB
	  generators (Kornel Benko)

2009-03-03  brunopostle

	* [r3700] ScaleSpace.c: Eliminate a couple of rare cases in which
	  autopano-sift-C chooses to print an
	  error message and die, rather than doing anything sensible (Norman

2009-02-27  gkohlmeyer

	* [r3677] CMakeLists.txt: Small change in CMakeLists.txt to get rid of
	  version warning in CMake

2009-02-22  gkohlmeyer

	* [r3664] CMakeLists.txt, CMakeModules/FindLibXml2.cmake,
	  CMakeModules/FindPANO13.cmake: Updated CMake files for libxml2
	  2.7.3, wxWidgets 2.8.9 and current libpano

2008-07-23  brunopostle

	* [r3223] ChangeLog, README.1ST: Update ChangeLog for 2.5.0 release.
	  Pablo seems to have a different svn2cl...

2008-04-24  brunopostle

	* [r3036] APSCpp/CMakeLists.txt, CMakeLists.txt: Don't try and install
	  a file called /usr/README

2008-03-09  tksharpless

	* [r2941] APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c: APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c replace <ctime>
	  with <time.h>; fix Time_t casting error.

2008-03-08  tksharpless

	* [r2939] APSCpp/ANNkd_wrap.cpp: ooops, forgot to add ANNkd_wrap.cpp.
	  Here 'tis
	* [r2938] APSCpp/APSCpp.c, APSCpp/APSCpp.cpp, APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c,
	  APSCpp/APSCpp_main.cpp, APSCpp/CMakeLists.txt: Repackaged ANN
	  kd-tree in a C - callable C++ wrapper.
	  Replaced the .cpp versions of APSCpp and APSCpp_main witn .c
	  This lets Nowozin's code be compiled as C++ on Windows and as C
	  elsewhere -- the only way that seems to work.
	  Adjusted APSCpp/CMakeLists.txt accordingly.
	* [r2937] APSCpp/APSCpp.cpp, APSCpp/APSCpp_main.cpp, AutoPanoSift.h,
	  Utils.c: fixes for C++ compile errors on Linux
	* [r2936] APSCpp/APSCpp.cpp: Changed match acceptance policy to
	  eliminate duplicate control points -- seems to give better
	  alignments, and slighly faster too.

2008-03-07  tksharpless

	* [r2934] APSCpp/ANN, APSCpp/ANN/ANN.cpp, APSCpp/ANN/ANN.h,
	  APSCpp/ANN/ANNperf.h, APSCpp/ANN/ANNx.h, APSCpp/ANN/CMakeLists.txt,
	  APSCpp/ANN/Copyright.txt, APSCpp/ANN/License.txt,
	  APSCpp/ANN/ReadMe.txt, APSCpp/ANN/bd_fix_rad_search.cpp,
	  APSCpp/ANN/bd_pr_search.cpp, APSCpp/ANN/bd_search.cpp,
	  APSCpp/ANN/bd_tree.cpp, APSCpp/ANN/bd_tree.h, APSCpp/ANN/brute.cpp,
	  APSCpp/ANN/kd_dump.cpp, APSCpp/ANN/kd_fix_rad_search.cpp,
	  APSCpp/ANN/kd_fix_rad_search.h, APSCpp/ANN/kd_pr_search.cpp,
	  APSCpp/ANN/kd_pr_search.h, APSCpp/ANN/kd_search.cpp,
	  APSCpp/ANN/kd_search.h, APSCpp/ANN/kd_split.cpp,
	  APSCpp/ANN/kd_split.h, APSCpp/ANN/kd_tree.cpp, APSCpp/ANN/kd_tree.h,
	  APSCpp/ANN/kd_util.cpp, APSCpp/ANN/kd_util.h, APSCpp/ANN/perf.cpp,
	  APSCpp/ANN/pr_queue.h, APSCpp/ANN/pr_queue_k.h, APSCpp/APSCpp.cpp,
	  APSCpp/APSCpp_main.cpp: add ANN subdir
	* [r2933] APSCpp/APSCpp.c, APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c,
	  APSCpp/CMakeLists.txt, APSCpp/HermiteSpline.h,
	  APSCpp/README-autopano-sift-c.txt, APSCpp/saInterp.h,
	  APSCpp/saRemap.c, APSCpp/sphereAlign.h, AutoPanoSift.h,
	  CMakeLists.txt, MatchKeys.c, README.1ST: autopano-sift-c uses faster
	  ANN kd-tree by default; also better defaults for maxdim and ransac.
	  Added ANN source diredtory (NOTE: custom ANN.h)
	  Cleaned up CMake scripts ==> Only tested in Windows <==
	  Assigned package version number 2.5.0

2008-03-04  tksharpless

	* [r2927] APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c: Made command line error handling more
	  reliable and informative

2008-03-03  dangelo

	* [r2925] APSCpp/sphereAlign.h, AutoPanoSift.h: Enable compilation
	  with gcc
	* [r2924] config.h.in.cmake: Added #define HAVE_MALLOC 1 on apple as
	  this seems to fix some problem with realloc
	* [r2923] Makefile: removed obselete makefile

2008-03-03  tksharpless

	* [r2922] MatchKeys.c: adding older version with Seb's fix
	* [r2921] MatchKeys.c: removing current head rev
	* [r2920] APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c: correct a messsage about output file
	* [r2919] APSCpp/CMakeLists.txt: Try again to add
	* [r2918] APSCpp/cmakelists.txt: change name of APSCpp/CMakeLists.txt
	  to correct case

2008-03-01  tksharpless

	* [r2914] APSCpp, APSCpp/APSCpp.c, APSCpp/APSCpp_main.c,
	  APSCpp/CamLens.c, APSCpp/HermiteSpline.c, APSCpp/HermiteSpline.h,
	  APSCpp/README-autopano-sift-c.txt, APSCpp/cmakelists.txt,
	  APSCpp/saInterp.c, APSCpp/saInterp.h, APSCpp/saRemap.c,
	  APSCpp/sphereAlign.h, AutoPanoSift.h, CMakeLists.txt,
	  DisplayImage.c, ImageMap.c, LoweDetector.c, ScaleSpace.c, Utils.c:
	  Major extension of APSC, now renamed autopano-sift-c, adds
	  stereographic projection and reduces memory demand.
	  Source is in subdir APSCpp. Some bugfixes in libsift in addition to
	  the change from double to float for image maps, which almost doubles
	  useful image size for generatekeys as well as autopano-sift-c.
	* [r2913] MatchKeys.c: Rewrote Component_ToString to eliminate 2 bugs
	  (one serious, leading to seg faults). This fix replaces Seb's recent
	  fix of the same major bug, because I am too tired to merge them

2008-02-22  tksharpless

	* [r2906] ArrayList.c: Undoing previous commit -- I just didn't
	  understand how
	  ArrayList was supposed to work -- Sorry, TKS

2008-02-21  tksharpless

	* [r2905] ArrayList.c: ArrayList_new() was initializing list full
	  instead of empty, leaving (dim) null entries at start of list.

2008-02-20  brunopostle

	* [r2904] CMakeLists.txt: Don't put compiled binary in tarball

2008-02-17  dangelo

	* [r2881] CMakeLists.txt, config.h.in.cmake: #define HAVE_MALLOC on
	  OSX, it seems to fix an out of memory situation due to the use of

2008-02-15  dangelo

	* [r2859] CMakeLists.txt: Renamed APSC to autopano-sift-c, to match
	  the naming style of most other tools shipped with hugin.

2008-02-08  sebpz

	* [r2809] APSCmain.c: Default 800 for maxdim

2008-02-07  sebpz

	* [r2801] MatchKeys.c: Fix for Seg Fault in Component_ToString

2008-02-07  tksharpless

	* [r2800] APSCmain.c, AutoPano.c: Made the "-" option work. Anyone who
	  uses it must donate 1 Euro to the hugin project :)
	* [r2799] APSCmain.c, CMakeLists.txt, Utils.c: Add APSC, which
	  combines generatekeys and autopano in one executable.
	  fflush stdout writes in utils.c

2008-02-05  brunopostle

	* [r2793] autopano-c-complete: Perl version of autopano-c-complete,
	  should be 100% compatible

2008-02-05  tksharpless

	* [r2791] CMakeLists.txt: installs vbs script on Windows, else shell
	* [r2790] autopano-c-complete.vbs: Finds the autopano executables if
	  they are in a reasonable place; if not, quits with explicit error.

2008-02-03  yuv

	* [r2780] CMakeLists.txt: INSTALL target for Windows in build
	  directory instead of "C:\Program Files", for SDK integration
	* [r2777] autopano-c-complete.vbs: Pete Holzmann added wildcard
	  functionality and improved output

2008-02-02  sebpz

	* [r2770] KeypointXML.c, MatchKeys.c, autopano-c-complete.sh: Adding
	  gz output for keyfiles
	* [r2769] Makefile, autopano-c-complete.sh: Reverting previous change
	  - gzip not supported by autopano
	* [r2768] Makefile, autopano-c-complete.sh: Create gzip compressed key

2008-02-01  dangelo

	* [r2759] ChangeLog, MatchKeys.c: Corrected possible crash when many
	  images are used.

2008-02-01  yuv

	* [r2756] autopano-c-complete.vbs: added feedback-loop to avoid
	  concurrent execution of multiple instances of generatekeys
	* [r2755] autopano-c-complete.vbs: corrected for space in path

2008-01-31  yuv

	* [r2744] autopano-c-complete.vbs: Windows translation of

2008-01-29  brunopostle

	* [r2732] CMakeLists.txt: Revert and fix previous commit
	* [r2731] CMakeLists.txt: Don't install duplicate man pages
	* [r2730] CMakeLists.txt: autopano-c-complete.sh needs to be installed
	* [r2729] CMakeLists.txt, CMakeModules/FindJPEG.cmake,
	  CMakeModules/FindLibXml2.cmake, CMakeModules/FindPANO13.cmake,
	  CMakeModules/FindPNG.cmake, CMakeModules/FindTIFF.cmake,
	  CMakeModules/FindZLIB.cmake, config.h.in.cmake: Fix line endings, no
	  other changes
	* [r2728] CMakeLists.txt: Don't put a generated Makefile in the
	* [r2727] CMakeLists.txt: Don't put the compiled binaries in the

2008-01-29  dangelo

	* [r2725] CMakeLists.txt: unified libxml config on windows and unix
	* [r2724] CMakeLists.txt: remove MY prefix leftover from some testing.

2008-01-29  tksharpless

	* [r2722] CMakeLists.txt: fixed bad Unix compiler flag from previous
	  fix (my fault)

2008-01-28  tksharpless

	* [r2718] CMakeLists.txt: changed root cmakelists.txt so it works on
	  Windows with the sdk; tried not to break Linux build but this is not

2008-01-28  btownshend

	* [r2709] DisplayImage.c: Removed unused variable declaration
	* [r2708] DisplayImage.c: Fixed handling of 16-bit files
	  Fixed memory overrun during malloc of images

2008-01-15  dangelo

	* [r2638] AutoPanoSift.h, CMakeLists.txt, KeypointXML.c: Fixed
	  compilation with gcc
	* [r2637] AreaFilter.c, ArrayList.c, AutoPano.c, AutoPanoSift.h,
	  BondBall.c, CMakeLists.txt, CMakeModules,
	  CMakeModules/FindJPEG.cmake, CMakeModules/FindLibXml2.cmake,
	  CMakeModules/FindPANO13.cmake, CMakeModules/FindPNG.cmake,
	  CMakeModules/FindTIFF.cmake, CMakeModules/FindZLIB.cmake, ChangeLog,
	  GenerateKeys.c, ImageMatchModel.c, KDTree.c, KeypointXML.c,
	  LoweDetector.c, MatchKeys.c, RANSAC.c, README.1ST, ScaleSpace.c,
	  TestArray.c, TestKDTree.c, TestRandom.c, Utils.c,
	  autopano-c-complete.sh, config.h.in.cmake: Added CMake build system
	  and fixed source, so that it compiles with MSVC.

2008-01-02  brunopostle

	* [r2597] Makefile: Allow setting PREFIX and CFLAGS
	* [r2596] doc/autopano-c-complete.1, doc/autopano-c-complete.txt,
	  doc/autopano-complete.1, doc/autopano-complete.txt,
	  doc/autopano-sift-c.7, doc/autopano-sift-c.txt, doc/autopano-sift.7,
	  doc/autopano-sift.txt, doc/autopanog.1, doc/autopanog.txt,
	  doc/template.1: man page cleanup and rename

2008-01-02  dangelo

	* [r2590] ChangeLog:
	* [r2589] AutoPanoSift.h, DisplayImage.c, Makefile: build against
	  pano13 by default

2008-01-02  brunopostle

	* [r2588] Makefile: install target typo fix (Yuval Levy)

2007-12-30  brunopostle

	* [r2583] Transform.c: Apply fix from bug #1808333 seems to work for
	* [r2582] autopano-c-complete.sh: Fix bug with directories containing

2007-07-20  brunopostle

	* [r2295] Makefile: Create man directories
	* [r2294] Makefile: Add man pages to install target

2007-07-19  dangelo

	* [r2292] Makefile: added a simple install target

2007-05-29  dangelo

	* [r2029] AreaFilter.c, ArrayList.c, AutoPano.c, AutoPanoSift.h,
	  BondBall.c, ChangeLog, DisplayImage.c, GaussianConvolution.c,
	  GenerateKeys.c, HashTable.c, ImageMap.c, ImageMatchModel.c,
	  KDTree.c, KeypointXML.c, LICENSE, LoweDetector.c, Makefile,
	  MatchKeys.c, RANSAC.c, README, README.1ST, Random.c, ScaleSpace.c,
	  SimpleMatrix.c, TestArray.c, TestKDTree.c, TestRandom.c,
	  Transform.c, Utils.c, autopano-c-complete.sh, doc: moved files to
	  trunk directory
	* [r2028] autopano-sift-C: moved to trunk directory

2007-04-18  brunopostle

	* [r2027] autopano-sift-C, autopano-sift-C/.cvsignore,
	  autopano-sift-C/Makefile, autopano-sift-C/autopano-c-complete.sh:
	  add autopano-c-complete.sh script

2007-04-18  dangelo

	* [r2026] autopano-sift-C/AutoPano.c, autopano-sift-C/BondBall.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/ChangeLog, autopano-sift-C/DisplayImage.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/ImageMatchModel.c, autopano-sift-C/KeypointXML.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/LoweDetector.c, autopano-sift-C/Makefile,
	  autopano-sift-C/MatchKeys.c, autopano-sift-C/ScaleSpace.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/Transform.c: applied patch by Alexandre Duret-Lutz

2007-02-05  brunopostle

	* [r2025] autopano-sift-C/Makefile: rewrite dist target

2007-02-02  dangelo

	* [r2024] autopano-sift-C/AutoPano.c, autopano-sift-C/MatchKeys.c:
	  applied patch
	* [r2023] autopano-sift-C/AutoPanoSift.h, autopano-sift-C/Makefile:
	  find include files in standart directories
	* [r2022] autopano-sift-C/LoweDetector.c: added debug statement
	* [r2021] autopano-sift-C/ImageMap.c: ups
	* [r2020] autopano-sift-C/ImageMap.c: fixed minimum search

2007-01-23  brunopostle

	* [r2019] autopano-sift-C/Makefile: Minor tweak to build on a system
	  with pano12 installed

2006-08-21  dangelo

	* [r2015] autopano-sift-C, autopano-sift-C/AreaFilter.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/ArrayList.c, autopano-sift-C/AutoPano.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/AutoPanoSift.h, autopano-sift-C/BondBall.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/GenerateKeys.c, autopano-sift-C/HashTable.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/ImageMap.c, autopano-sift-C/ImageMatchModel.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/KDTree.c, autopano-sift-C/KeypointXML.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/LICENSE, autopano-sift-C/LoweDetector.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/Makefile, autopano-sift-C/MatchKeys.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/RANSAC.c, autopano-sift-C/README,
	  autopano-sift-C/README.1ST, autopano-sift-C/Random.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/ScaleSpace.c, autopano-sift-C/SimpleMatrix.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/TestArray.c, autopano-sift-C/TestKDTree.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/TestRandom.c, autopano-sift-C/Transform.c,
	  autopano-sift-C/Utils.c, autopano-sift-C/doc,
	  autopano-sift-C/doc/autopano.1, autopano-sift-C/doc/autopano.txt,
	  autopano-sift-C/doc/autopanog.1, autopano-sift-C/doc/autopanog.txt,
	  autopano-sift-C/doc/template.1: Initial revision


	* [r2014] .: New repository initialized by cvs2svn.

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