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autopano-sift-C Log

Commit Date  
[926f16] by tksharpless tksharpless

Undoing previous commit -- I just didn't understand how
ArrayList was supposed to work -- Sorry, TKS

2008-02-22 21:01:58 Tree
[68f0f9] by tksharpless tksharpless

ArrayList_new() was initializing list full instead of empty, leaving (dim) null entries at start of list.

2008-02-21 12:41:10 Tree
[9c817a] by brunopostle brunopostle

Don't put compiled binary in tarball

2008-02-20 22:57:55 Tree
[452039] by dangelo dangelo

#define HAVE_MALLOC on OSX, it seems to fix an out of memory situation due to the use of realloc.

2008-02-17 23:33:01 Tree
[824f60] by dangelo dangelo

Renamed APSC to autopano-sift-c, to match the naming style of most other tools shipped with hugin.

2008-02-15 22:44:05 Tree
[7201e2] by sebpz sebpz

Default 800 for maxdim

2008-02-08 19:48:16 Tree
[ab9acd] by sebpz sebpz

Fix for Seg Fault in Component_ToString

2008-02-07 20:58:16 Tree
[b100ff] by tksharpless tksharpless

Made the "-" option work. Anyone who uses it must donate 1 Euro to the hugin project :)

2008-02-07 16:02:03 Tree
[b0c722] by tksharpless tksharpless

Add APSC, which combines generatekeys and autopano in one executable.

fflush stdout writes in utils.c

2008-02-07 01:44:05 Tree
[85ba20] by brunopostle brunopostle

Perl version of autopano-c-complete, should be 100% compatible

2008-02-05 18:41:02 Tree
[de9444] by tksharpless tksharpless

installs vbs script on Windows, else shell script.

2008-02-05 02:13:02 Tree
[fd7486] by tksharpless tksharpless

Finds the autopano executables if they are in a reasonable place; if not, quits with explicit error.

2008-02-05 02:00:17 Tree
[497008] by yuv yuv

INSTALL target for Windows in build directory instead of "C:\Program Files", for SDK integration

2008-02-03 20:39:56 Tree
[3e4a32] by yuv yuv

Pete Holzmann added wildcard functionality and improved output

2008-02-03 18:51:21 Tree
[b6d99f] by sebpz sebpz

Adding gz output for keyfiles

2008-02-02 19:50:57 Tree
[1fc021] by sebpz sebpz

Reverting previous change - gzip not supported by autopano

2008-02-02 17:31:39 Tree
[fe67a8] by sebpz sebpz

Create gzip compressed key files

2008-02-02 17:09:26 Tree
[4167ab] by dangelo dangelo

Corrected possible crash when many images are used.

2008-02-01 16:44:55 Tree
[448d1c] by yuv yuv

added feedback-loop to avoid concurrent execution of multiple instances of generatekeys

2008-02-01 04:39:28 Tree
[8c89f1] by yuv yuv

corrected for space in path

2008-02-01 04:18:51 Tree
[5c1122] by yuv yuv

Windows translation of

2008-01-31 02:05:36 Tree
[738d9c] by brunopostle brunopostle

Revert and fix previous commit

2008-01-29 13:54:52 Tree
[7b4c40] by brunopostle brunopostle

Don't install duplicate man pages

2008-01-29 12:55:30 Tree
[a741a7] by brunopostle brunopostle needs to be installed executable

2008-01-29 12:20:02 Tree
[542fab] by brunopostle brunopostle

Fix line endings, no other changes

2008-01-29 11:49:27 Tree
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