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    2) remove control var useANN & uses of it
    3) eliminate mode argument to GenerateKeyspp & code
    that used it.
+Now for project file loading -- APSCpp.c:LoadProjectImages()
+-- it already loads y,p,r, now change needed
+-- make it parse PTAsm, PTGui style file names...
+   These are on comment lines of the form
+#-imgfile 3522 2348 "_MG_6981.CR2"
+   rather than on 'i' or 'o' lines.  Name may be full path.
+20 July
+debugging load pts and ptp projects..
+ptp load ok, but pts has a "dummy image" o-line that makes
+trouble.  I think it can be handled just by skipping o-lines
+that don't have a file name -- must reset FNflag at eof in
+case 2 passes.
+But it can't, because file o-lines have back references to 
+dummy image attributes.  So we have to support a true dummy
+image in the DIinfo list. Grrr. Let's do that by leaving the
+file name null and inserting checks for that where needed.
+That seems to work, however a,b,c from the dummy image line 
+are not making it to the output file (not unsurprising as we
+don't read them, but we should).
+Verrrry interesting.  
+Here's what three PT family stitchers report for the hfov
+of two fisheye images, using EXIF data
+  stitcher	FL	crop	rectilinear	fisheye
+Canon 15mm	
+  PTAsm	5.0	15	1.6	73.74		85.94
+  Hugin	0.8	15	1.6	73.69		85.86
+  PTGui	8.1	15	1.587	74.19		91.67
+Sigma 8mm
+  PTAsm	5.0	8	1.6	109.16		161.14
+  Hugin	0.8	8	1.6	109.1		161
+  PTGui	8.1	8	1.587	86.77		180
+PTGui recognizes both lenses as fisheyes, PTAsm and Hugin
+have to be told.  But it gets the crop factor wrong (Hugin
+has 1.60149, the value I compute from the 30D EXIF data).
+PTGui uses the equal-area formula for fisheyes, the others
+use the equal-angle.  The big discrepancy on the 8mm fisheye 
+is because PTGui reports crop circle diameter for "circular"
+fisheyes, all other fovs are for the short image dimension.
+Fixed nasty bug in WritePTOFile(): using same index in outer
+& inner loops.  This could cause some i-lines to disappear.
+To get a,b,c into the output:
+--add them to DIinfo and project parser
+--write them to output pto
+Now deal with some differences between stitchers
+1) PTAsm and PTGui give image dimensions in #-imgfile line, 
+so have to read those.  
+2) for circular fisheye, PTGui's hfov is the diameter of the 
+cropping circle.  Hugin & PTAsm give fov for the horizontal 
+axis, even if that exceed crop circle.  This ccould be fixed 
+at project read time by rescaling PTGui's number to hdim, if
+I knew the crop circle diameter in pixels.  But that info is
+not apparent in the project file.
+3) If the EXIF specifies an orientation, PTGui reports image
+as oriented that way, regardless of filed orientation.  Hugin 
+and PTAsm use the filed dimensions.  This means we have to 
+check the filed dimentsions against the nominal ones when we
+read the images, and adjust hfov if they don't agree.
+4) PTAsm lets you specify fisheye type, using format 29 for 
+equal-area. Hugin treats all fisheyes as equal angle, PTGui 
+treats all as equal-area.  APSCpp should let you choose.
+21 July -- deal with stitcher differences...
+-- read PTAsm and PTGui image dims like the file name;
+-- adjust hfov at file read if DIinfo dims are transposed
+   (fatal error if they don't match either way).
+-- provisionally assume PTGui's crop circle diameter equals 
+   the long image axis.
+TODO: correct this when better informed (have written Joost).
+To deal with both fisheye types...
+-- command option --equal-angle-fisheye sets default fisheye type
+-- make CamLens treat formats 2,3 as equal-angle, 8 as equal-area;
+-- make readProject identify Hugin, PTasm & PTGui projects and
+   accept PTAsm format 29 as equal-area fisheye (convert to 8),  
+   and if not PTAsm, convert formats 2 & 3 to the default, and
+   adjust hfov if necessary.
+-- print name of source format when converting to stg. (code is
+   already shown, but who knows what that means?)
+1) set up Hugin, PTAsm and PTGui projects for 3 circular fisheye
+images, and same rotated 90 degrees. Build release APSCpp and
+run against all 6 projects (equal area, no ransac) giving 6 pto's.  
+Load those in Hugin and compare alignments.
+2) run same projects with default equal-area fisheye; compare
+3) set up Hugin, PTAsm and PTGui projects for a rectilinear
+image set, and its rotated form; run & compare alignments.
+Found 2 problems:
+1) writing out format 8, should have been put back to 2 or 3.
+(how to tell which??)
+2) FL reported by Hugin depends on originating stitcher, and
+not quite right even when that was Hugin.
+-- at read project, compute fl in pixels & put that in DIinfo
+   then compute hfov from it where needed (incl. @ output)
+-- review all the monkey motion with hfov, delete code where
+   possible.
+And maybe someday....
+-- add copy-project option
+This is a goal left over from original revision, that seems
+more desirable now: an option to output a copy of the whole 
+project file, with old CPs commented out and new ones added.
+To comment-out use "#-old-CP "
+Give the output file name the same extension as the input
+project, no matter what user enters?