#184 make WebRequestSource.getDestination() public


Can we make WebRequestSource.getDestination() public?
Probably should make other getters public too.
Setters don't need to be public.
This is useful info, and I am currently running a hacked version
of httpunit so I can have it.


  • Wolfgang Fahl

    Wolfgang Fahl - 2012-09-13
    • assigned_to: nobody --> wolfgang_fahl
    • status: open --> closed
  • Wolfgang Fahl

    Wolfgang Fahl - 2012-09-13

    Dear Dan,

    thank you for this Feature Request. Would you please supply a test case for this and other getters you'd like to see public. This way it's made sure the information will be available in the future and it will have the expected content. As long as things are private we do not need test cases. For public values we do ...

    I have committed the change nevertheless for the upcoming 1.7.2 release which should also show up at maven-central soon.


  • Wolfgang Fahl

    Wolfgang Fahl - 2012-09-13

    Dear httpunit user!

    Thank you for your feature request. We appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this.

    Please supply a testcase with the expected result for the feature you are asking for and we'll look into implementing it. For a start you might want to get the trunk version from the
    subversion repository (see https://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=6550\)
    and have a look at the source code of some of the more than 700 JUnit based testcase in there.

    When you are ready you might want to attach the testcase (and if you already have started implementing it also the actual code) to your feature request.

    This should give you a clue on what a proper testcase for httpunit looks like. The main communication about further details of the development is via the httpunit developer mailinglist. You are most welcome to sign up via

    The httpunit developer team

    (Russell and Wolfgang as of 2008-03)


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