Are HTTPUnit robots legals ?

  • tbitd

    tbitd - 2006-11-15

    Hello All,

    I made a little program using HTTPUnit.

    It simply gets information from a web site by submitting a form (in a while loop).
    Before sending the requesting, it fills hidden parameters in the form (there are normally filled by a javascript function but I desactivated it).
    My question is simple : Is it legal to do that ? Actually, the "new" hidden parameters that I construct can be bads and the web server can have a problem (if the hidden are not checked).

    What do you think of this ?

    • Wolfgang Fahl

      Wolfgang Fahl - 2008-03-30

      It's a legal question so it depends on the content of the webpage and what you are upto.
      You might want to ask a lawyer if you have any doubt. Also legal issues on the web tend to get complicated if multiple countries are involved.
      My personal opinion on this is that you are not doing more than thousands of robots out there. So if you follow robot etiquette i think you should be fine.


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