Vincent Kessels - 2009-02-25


I am trying to use HttpUnit 1.7 with JTidy-r8 (version 2006080) because of a dependency of hibernate, but I get the following compiler error:

.../com/meterware/httpunit/parsing/[90,12] cannot find symbol
symbol  : method setCharEncoding(int)
location: class org.w3c.tidy.Tidy

Apparently they removed the tidy.setCharEncoding() method. From javadoc I found that this method is deprecated:

public void setCharEncoding(int charencoding)

    Deprecated. set input/output encoding using java encoding names
public int getCharEncoding()

    Deprecated. from r8 tidy can use different encoding for input and output. This method will only return the input character encoding.

I removed the call in my downloaded version without any problems, but I would like to see that HttpUnit uses a more recent version of JTidy.