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Microsoft is closing us down

As of June 30th 2008, my plugin will cease to function as Microsoft has decided to terminate HTTPMail (also known as WebDav) protocol access. They have replaced this protocol has been replaced by a new one called DeltaSync. Unfortunately DeltaSync is undocumented and uses non-standard compression and encryption of message data. Until these issues can be resolved there is nothing I can do to fix my plugin.... read more

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2008-05-01

1.49 Universal release

a universal build of the plugin is finally available

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2006-08-10

1.47 - Tiger release

The 1.47 release should fix the problems people are having adding new accounts under Mac OS X 10.4.3

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2005-11-26

Latest Release

On Wednesday July 20th at 6:34pm my wife released offspring 1.0. At this time I estimate at least a couple of weeks work to make sure the new systems are properly configured. Support for the plugin will, however, continue at a much lower priority. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Tips on invoking the sleep mode between the hours of 10pm and 6am would be greatly appreciated.

Daniel, Stacey and Little Molly

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2005-07-24

1.46 Release

The 1.46 release updates the Jaguar, Panther and Tiger versions of the plugin to the same level.

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2005-06-04

Release 1.41

Well, the 1.41 release seems to fix the "Not Implemented" error. It is available for both Jaguar and Panther.
However, now we have a new problem. Since Microsoft has decided to start charging for WebDav access to the Hotmail servers, unless people cough up, they will not be able to connect using programs like Outlook or Entourage. Unfortunately this also affects the plugin :(
There isn't a lot I can do about this, but I can verify that the plugin still works with "upgraded" Hotmail accounts

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2004-10-01

Release 1.40 - Panther Only

I've finally figured out the preferences bug in the Panther version. This makes the plugin much nicer to use under Panther :)
This release also includes a global preferences page in the Preferences Window

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2004-09-02

Release 1.38

The 1.38 release fixes a really nasty memory leak that has been around for a while. It should now be possible to run Mail for extended periods of time without it taking your machine down :)

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2004-07-17

Release 1.35

This is the first release in a while to add any new major functionality.
Simple synchronization code.
Also, it is one year to the day since I released the source to the plugin here on sourceforge :)

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2004-02-23

Release 1.14

Release 1.14 adds an Installer for the plugin. This is an experimental piece of code that should allow most people to successfully install the plugin.
Several bugs have been fixed, but there is still quite a bit of work to be done.

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2003-03-21

Release 1.10

This is the first release of the httpmail plugin to add any major new functionality and the first sourceforge only release.
Good news for people with accounts as they should now work :)

Posted by Daniel Parnell 2003-03-02