Microsoft is finally closing Httpmail Access

  • Daniel Parnell

    Daniel Parnell - 2008-05-01

        As of June 30th 2008, my plugin will cease to function as Microsoft has decided to terminate HTTPMail (also known as WebDav) protocol access.  They have replaced this protocol has been replaced by a new one called DeltaSync.  Unfortunately DeltaSync is undocumented and uses non-standard compression and encryption of message data.  Until these issues can be resolved there is nothing I can do to fix my plugin.

    If you have a Hotmail Plus account you should still be able to access your mail using the POP3 protocol.  The details for setting up POP3 access is as follows.

    Incoming mail server: (port 995)
    Outgoing mail server: (port 25)
    Username: your full hotmail email address

    NOTE: the outgoing mail server requires authentication

    • Kevin Mullery

      Kevin Mullery - 2008-05-02

      Thanks Daniel for that information. It's a great pity - I have used your plugin very successfully for years. Thanks for your efforts. I may just have consider paying for a Hotmail Plus account.

    • paulj

      paulj - 2008-05-10

      I have really appreciated your plugin, Daniel. I do have Hotmail Plus and I entered the new settings that you indicated into my Mac Mail account information. I don't know how to authenticate the outgoing mail server, though, so I'm unable to send any email. I would be most grateful for any advice you could give. Also, do I need to change my account type from Httpmail to POP? Thanks so much!

      • Kevin Mullery

        Kevin Mullery - 2008-05-10

        I know it's not exactly your problem, Daniel, but I wonder if you can tell me if I will be able to use the Hotmail Plus account to send email when I'm a guest on someone else's ISP. I have always been able to rely on the httpmail for sending directly from my laptop. When it becomes a POP3 as you indicated in your settings suggestions - do you know if that ability will end also?

        I also would be interested to understand how one establishes the authentication for the outgoing mail server. Is this the same as the incoming password? Does one set it oneself, or is it given by MSN?

        Thanks again.

    • Casemon

      Casemon - 2008-06-02

      Thank you Daniel for this great plugin; you created a fine harmony while it lasted (especially for switchers!)

      For those that are considering Hotmail Plus... I instead offer a solution that doesn't involve paying for something that should be free.

      Sign up for a free Gmail account:
      - Gmail works great without plugins in; safe & secure.
      - Supports Leopard Mail features like Notes and Tasks.
      - Plenty of space; more each day.
      - Google servers have great reliability.
      - No evil schemes to try to take your money "just because you want some convenience"
      - Some hotmail users can forward their hotmail to Gmail without Hotmail Plus (some older accounts & some newer accounts).

      Do your part to say NO to draconian control schemes that have nothing to do with keeping costs down (yes I'm looking at you Hotmail Plus!)

      Sign up today! :)

      (and no i don't work for Google, just a happy Google user)

      • mr_josh

        mr_josh - 2008-06-02

        Amen, brother, don't give those jerks in Redmond anymore business, whether or not you give them money directly.

      • Kevin Mullery

        Kevin Mullery - 2008-06-03

        Thanks Casemon. I thought you had to pay for the service in order to send remotely, (one used to with Yahoo) if not then Gmail might be my answer. I travel a lot and use cybercafes and campsite wi-fi. More and more often now they won't let me send from my laptop using hotmail. I have to spend time on-line to use webmails. Now hotmail is about to stop this - so I'm searching for an alternative. I've read about changing ports numbers - but this doesn't work often either as the hosts block as many as possible. Do you know if Gmail can allow me to send the way I used to - or is it always dependent on the internet access host?


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