arubinst - 2007-05-27


I installed the plugin on my MBP. It downloaded all my mails from my hotmail account, but it would not delete mails on the server (I noticed the FAQ that comes with the plugin. Following instructions does not delete the messages). Another thing I noticed is that read mails do not change to read status on the server, so my msn messenger keeps telling me I have new mail even when I have already read it.

Ok, so no problem if it doesn't work ok for me, except that now I can't configure Exchange accounts. The Exchange account type has disappeared from my I run a search on Google and found some other people with the same problem but no one ever reveals a solution. I deleted my hotmail account and also uninstalled the plugin (just deleted the bundle folder) but the problem persists.

So... please... HEEEEELP :-)

Thanks in advance,