Thanks Joe,

Thanks to your comments I have figured out what I was doing wrong.   If I declared the variable like $MY::$min_bytes all works correctly.

Thank you everyone for your assistance.

PS... That was one funny example you give at the end.... Made me laugh :)

Bob Koertge

On Fri, 2005-02-04 at 10:19 +0100, Joe wrote:
On Thu, 3 Feb 2005, Bob Koertge wrote:

 > I have just tried this and it does not work.  The test is just skipped.
 >   <test>
 >     <code name="min_bytes">return $min_bytes</code>
 >     <param name="max_bytes">99000</param>

Apparently the scalar value $min_bytes is not initialized at this point. 
I did a trivial test which appears to work (but is not likely what you 

<code name="min_bytes">$bytes = 2800; return $bytes</code>

So, it looks like you need to set $min_bytes somewhere in a persistent 
way. I don't know how to achieve this (a quick test with wt script 
didn't work out for me either).

However, a possible solution would be to dynamically derive a value for 
the minimum content size within your code section. A rather useless 
example would be

<code name="min_bytes">return 1 + (time() % 3600)</code>

This actually checks if the content size in bytes is larger than the 
number of seconds into the current hour (pretty useless, isn't it???).