Problem with running explorer all versions

  • Martian

    Martian - 2008-03-03

    When I try to run http explorer any version I get this error :
    Errur d'execution '7':
    Memoire insuffisante
    I have this message in all versions of http explorer . I don't know what could be wrong.I have 768 MB ram in my computer. Other programs in my computer works fine.
    Thanks for help.

    • kroman_fr

      kroman_fr - 2008-03-03


      I think that it's a dll/ocx version conflict. Have you tried with the setup?

    • Martian

      Martian - 2008-03-04

      I tried with setup and now It works. I saw the setup copied some ocx file to my system32 localisation so probably as you said it was connected with ocx files.Maybe I didn't have required ocx files in my windows xp or weren't registered.
      I would to ask how can I write small http server using this winsock2.h . Is it very complicated for beginner ? Thank you for help.

      • Martian

        Martian - 2008-03-04

        And How Can install required ocx files in my system in future and register it.Can I download some ocx pack which will install themeselves in system32 and register ? thanks for help

    • kroman_fr

      kroman_fr - 2008-03-04

      A small Http server is very simple to code if you had some notions in programming.

      The complexity comes when you want to respect the standards & protocols (w3, http 1.1), and when you integrate an advanced interface.

      Http explorer use some ocx/dll files for its interface (COMCTL32.OCX, MSCOMCTL.OCX, MSHFLXGD.OCX), for the xml files reading/writing (msxml2.dll) and for various functionality (GdiPlus.dll for the thumbnails & zlib.dll for the compression) but a very small web server should work only with the socket library (ws2_32.dll).

      You can found this files in your system32 directory after a Http explorer installation.

      To copy & register this files, retrieve the VB Runtime Library on the Microsoft website.


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