Site Logo or Top Frame

  • rlmoore

    rlmoore - 2009-03-14

    I love the Http explorer software!

    Can you show me how I could add a site logo or top frame with a logo above the standard Http explorer?  I tried to use the .hexplorer with a index.html file but ever time I would go up a level it would add another logo frame on top of the existing one.

    Thanks for any help.  Keep up that hard work!

    • kroman_fr

      kroman_fr - 2009-03-14


      Thank you for your message! To add a logo on each folder you can modify the .xsl files in 'resources' folder.

      For example, in 'classic-full.xsl', add this code in line 166 (after the '<body>' line) :

      <div style="text-align:center;"><img src="/?res=classic/mylogo.jpg" alt="" /></div>

      and place your image in resources/classic folder.



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