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Using the software with/as a web server

  • Elavos Taquipavos

    I would firstly like to thank you for the software, it is very useful.

    The question I have may sound stupid, but I didn't manage to configure it to access directly the "index.htm" file, and to use it as a web service.

    I already managed my router to access the directory...

    Thank you for your attention!

    • kroman_fr

      kroman_fr - 2008-05-29


      Thank you for your message!

      You can define an index page with a '.hexplorer' file (only with the last version 1.07).

      1) Create a file named '.hexplorer' in your folder.
      2) Create your 'index.html' in the same folder.
      3) Open '.hexplorer' and write :

      <config subdir="true">
          <index value="index.html;index.htm;index.php;index.xhtml;" />

      4) That's All ;)

      For more informations about '.hexplorer' files, you can open the sample '.\my shared folder\samples\.hexplorer'.


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