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  • ch_cappell

    ch_cappell - 2006-11-13

    Hi Kroman,
    I find your HTTP Explorer very useful. I have been looking for such a software for a long time. I was wondering if there is a way to stream video over the net? If I click on a video link, the whole video needs to be downloaded first, before I can open the file. Also, is there a way to see thumbnails of the video files?
    Thanks Claus

    • kroman_fr

      kroman_fr - 2006-11-15

      Hi ch_cappell!

      Thank you for your message ;)

      To stream directly a video, you must paste its address into your media player (generally : file > open url) or configure your browser to open the video files with an external player.

      For video thumbnails in web pages, there is no way for the moment...


    • ch_cappell

      ch_cappell - 2006-11-24

      Hey Kroman,

      thanks for your reply. One could think of video streaming functionality in an embedded flash player. Just like you have integrated the playback of mp3 songs via flash player.
      See also

      However, as far as I know, playback of embedded video in flash player is only possible with few video formats. For example flash player does not support DivX or XVid files etc.


    • kroman_fr

      kroman_fr - 2006-11-27

      It's a good idea but, indeed, this players (like youtube) support only flash video format (.flv).


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