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HTML Tutor / News: Recent posts

HTMLTutor-1.0 Released

HTML Tutor 1.0 has been released, enjoy!!.

any suggestions and improvements please do contact us.

testing and porting is in progress,hopefully this would be a stable release.

Posted by darcwader 2006-10-04

Release Coming Up

Since I finally got back to work on it, the release should be out VERY soon.


Posted by Eugene Bulkin 2006-09-09


I have added a Russian option. I will do that on my own, with the assistance of my more fluent parents.

If anyone else wants to translate, go ahead and say so and I'll add it in. Remember, nothing's even started yet...

Posted by Eugene Bulkin 2006-07-26

Code starting,

Currently I'm waiting for an assisting programmer to help me with making header files, but meanwhile I'm going to start figuring out how to organize the project altogether.

(Please, if you know any C/C++ or Visual C++, check the Help Wanted page. Thanks!)

Posted by Eugene Bulkin 2006-06-30