Replacing or deleting content of html file

Vinoth K G
  • Vinoth K G

    Vinoth K G - 2004-06-02

    Is it is possible to delete and replace the content of html file using the HTML parser. If possible using which class. How?

    • Derrick Oswald

      Derrick Oswald - 2004-06-03

      The HTML Parser doesn't really handle the synthesis use-case very well (see\), but here goes.

      Let's say all your page is a set of two nodes, the <HEAD></HEAD> node and the <BODY></BODY> node, which you got from your NodeIterator and put into a NodeList as element zero and element one.

      To remove all the body, use:
          Tag body = nodelist.elementAt (1);
          body.removeAll ();
      To add a string like
        hello world
      where world is bolded, use:
          body.add (new StringNode ("hello "));
          Tag b = new Tag ();
          b.setTagName ("B"); // bold
          body.add (b);
          body.add (new StringNode ("world");
          Tag no_b = new Tag ();
          no_b.setTagName ("/B"); // not bold
          body.add (no_b);

      Like I said, it's not really good at it.

    • Derrick Oswald

      Derrick Oswald - 2004-06-03

      the line
           Tag body = nodelist.elementAt (1);
      should be
           NodeList body = nodelist.elementAt (1).getChildren ();
      so all the operations are on the children of the <BODY></BODY> node.


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