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HTML-based CSS Editor / News: Recent posts


In order to demonstrate how a real HTML editor would integrate with the CSS editor, I have prepared a little demo editor that allows users to add HTML elements and edit their CSS attributes. Watch the editor in action at


Posted by Uzi Landsmann 2005-04-29

htmlcsseditor 0.2 is released

Version 0.2 of the css editor is now released. The release contains a new API function, setStyle() which allows setting attributes in the css editor, given an array of attributes. This enables an html editor to reedit elements style using the css editor, and is the main reason for this release. Also, some general css tags were removed from the css.css style sheet to avoid taking over the whole pages style.

Posted by Uzi Landsmann 2004-12-26

htmlcsseditor 0.1 is released

HTML-based CSS Editor 0.1 is released. You can find it in the files section. Currently, the editor only works on Internet Explorer, but will soon be working even on Mozilla-based browsers.

Also, the project's home page has been created, and the cvs, screenshots and donations has been updated.

See the home page for a demo of the editor!


Posted by Uzi Landsmann 2004-12-18

A new project!

Welcome to the HTML-based CSS editor project

Development of this editor has started as a help for a friend of mine, who was developing a HTML-based editor, and wanted my help with CSS. Now that his project is down, I thought it could be released as open-source and see if anyone could use it for any other project.

The CSS editor is still in beta stage and in great need for testing and further development. If you're interrested in helping, throw me a line!... read more

Posted by Uzi Landsmann 2004-12-18